Dems Worry As ‘Poll Surge’ Echoes 2016’s Support for Hillary Clinton Heading Into Election

United States Capitol

by Chris White   Democratic candidates are entering a last-minute surge in the polls in the last few hours before Election Day, but a number of Democrats are seeing a lot of comparisons to the 2016 presidential election. Democrats and Republicans are essentially tied in the roughly 30 House districts…

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Newt Gingrich Says the Booming Economy and Personal Safety Will Keep GOP in Hunt for the House

Newt Gingrich

by Nick Givas   Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich said the booming economy and a strong desire for personal safety will keep the House in play for Republicans come Tuesday. “Well look, I think the number one thing that’s relevant to the vote tomorrow is the economy,” Gingrich said on…

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Trump Calls on Ohioans to Vote Republican and Not Let Rich Cordray ‘Drive Your State into Poverty’ at Cleveland Rally

Electricity, excitement, and perhaps a little anxiety filled the air on Election Day Eve along with thousands of people at the IX Center in Cleveland as President Trump held the first of three final campaign rallies for Republicans running in Tuesday’s crucial midterm elections. At stake is control of the…

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