Ohio Tea Party Rallies For Border Wall on Highway Overpass

Saturday, over 100 members of the Portage and Summit County Tea Parties staged a joint “sign-wave” rally in support of President Donald Trump and the proposed border wall between Mexico and the US.

The fight and legislative impasse has led to the current, and ongoing, government shutdown. As of yesterday, it is the longest shutdown in American history, surpassing the previous record of 21 days during the Clinton Administration.

The group waved signs to passing motorists from a pedestrian overpass in Cuyahoga Falls. Despite the below freezing weather, the group remained there for more than two hours. In a press release, Portage County Tea Party Executive Director Tom Zawistowski noted that “the cars blowing horns in support was deafening at times and clearly a large percentage of Americans understand the importance of building the wall.”

While they were confronted by a group of progressives, challenging their rally, the two groups engaged in:

intelligent discussion about important issues that affect all of us. To their surprise, they found that there was no hate on that bridge, there was love of country, love of our fellow citizens, and love for the rule of law. There were no incidents and some minds and opinions were actually changed and important information was exchanged!

On Tuesday night, the president gave a national address stating that the wall was a matter of national security and emphasized the importance of citizen support in getting it built. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a joint rebuttal statement, demanding the president reopen the government.

As of Saturday, negotiations have stalled and there are no present talks regarding a compromise.

Zawistowski has made it clear that his organization will continue to stage similar rallies to support President Trump, noting that “we need to let our fellow citizen know that it is OK to defend our nation’s sovereignty and the President we elected who is keeping his promises to us!”

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Andrew Shirley is a reporter at Battleground State News and The Ohio Star. Send tips to aashirley1809@gmail.com.
Background Photo “Tea Party Rally” by Portage County Tea Party






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2 Thoughts to “Ohio Tea Party Rallies For Border Wall on Highway Overpass”

  1. Kathleen Parr

    Tom Z should have run for Governor…
    Thank You Tom Z for All Your Passion for the Ohio Tea Party!
    I was locked out of Facebook…Zuckerberg claims I didn’t have enough Id to get back in
    limited on Twitter…So I am commenting on the NEWS…I really think the best site is Rush Limbaugh and Herman Cane…I cannot get on Your I Heart Radio nor Sean Hannity I keep trying…Cannot get on Dan Bongino Podcast either…I must be doing something right …
    I Stand With My President Trump!

  2. Way to go Tom. One of the TRUE Ohio Patriots, folks. You folks in Portage county need to support him with everything you’ve got.