CNN Touts Kasich’s Record As Trump Critic After Naming Him Senior Political Commentator

Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich announced Tuesday that he has joined CNN as a senior political commentator, a day after officially leaving the governor’s mansion.

“Excited to share that I’ll be joining CNN as a regular contributor starting today,” Kasich tweeted Tuesday morning. His first appearance was on “Cuomo Prime Time” Tuesday night.

Axios reported Monday that Kasich had signed with United Talent Agency, who told the outlet that it was helping Kasich “navigate the next phase of his career in civic engagement by continuing to inspire audiences to lead purpose-drive lives of service.” Kasich was reportedly considering joining either MSNBC or CNN, but ruled out joining Fox News.

John Weaver, a longtime aide, told Axios that Kasich “has strong insights to help guide conversations in our country in a positive direction and this new partnership with CNN gives him a great platform to do so.”

In an article announcing the hire, CNN touted Kasich’s record as “one of the most prominent critics of President Trump within the Republican Party.” Despite the CNN contract, Kasich has not yet ruled out a potential 2020 run for the presidency.

“Any announcement about a TV contract would have no bearing on his 2020 intentions. All options are still on the table,” spokesman Chris Schrimpf told CNBC.

Brad Parscale, Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, responded to the announcement on Twitter.

“Shocker…CNN, the aquarium for Republican never-Trump swamp creatures, who have no real supporters outside of their own green room, adds this original swamp creature to their collection of nobodies,” he wrote.

In a press release from United Talent Agency, Kasich said he’s “excited” to keep his “voice active across the world and share [his] experiences and observations to help improve the lives of others.”

Kasich joins a growing list of former politicians who have joined talk news after leaving office, such as Jason Chaffetz and Charlie Dent. Sen. Jeff Flake, who announced his retirement in 2018, is also reportedly in talks with MSNBC and CNN.

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One Thought to “CNN Touts Kasich’s Record As Trump Critic After Naming Him Senior Political Commentator”

  1. Kasich, you WILL BE WRITTEN DOWN in history as a TRAITOR to your party and “so-called” Christian belief. You sir are a disgrace to both. My only hope is that you come to your senses before you leave this earth and apologize for your deeds.