Pro-Lifers Urge Kasich to ‘Return to Pro-Life Roots’ and Sign Heartbeat Bill

The Ohio Legislature has once again sent its controversial pro-life “heartbeat bill” to Gov. John Kasich’s (R-OH) desk, and its drafters are confident that it will be the “arrow in the heart of Roe v. Wade.” House Bill 258, which would prohibit abortions in Ohio after the unborn child has…

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Kasich Promises Veto of Conservative Bills While ‘Seriously’ Considering Presidential Run

John Kasich

Gov. John Kasich’s final months as Ohio’s governor will likely include the veto of multiple conservative pieces of legislation and the rebuke of his Republican colleagues whom he believes only consider their “short-term electoral capability.” Ohio Republicans recently passed two highly-consequential bills during their lame-duck session, including the pro-life “heartbeat…

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Ohio Republicans Are on a Mission to Challenge Roe v. Wade

Ohio Republicans have reintroduced a controversial bill that would redefine in law the term “person” to include “any unborn human” and would make abortion a potentially criminal offense. The bill, House Bill 565, was first introduced in March, but is being brought up again after Ohio House Republicans successfully passed…

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Ohio State House Passes Pro-Life Heartbeat Bill as Measure Heads to Senate

The Ohio House of Representatives voted Thursday to pass a bill that would ban almost all abortions upon detection of a heartbeat in the unborn baby. But the bill did not pass by a big enough margin to make it veto-proof, and Gov. John Kasich has staunchly opposed it, arguing…

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‘Heartbeat Bill’ Scheduled for Floor Vote in Ohio State House

Fetus on Health

A pro-family organization has issued an action alert to pro-life Ohioans informing them that the Ohio State House of Representatives has scheduled a floor vote Thursday on a bill that would ban abortions after the point at which an unborn baby develops a detectable heartbeat. House Bill 258, also known as…

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