Six Every Day Things Millennials Can Do to Save Money

by Lena Wang   Am I adulting yet?” Every millennial has asked themselves this catchphrase question. It’s commonly heard from twenty-somethings who have legitimate concerns about how to survive. We feel hopeless and uncertain about the future because our parents didn’t teach us personal finances or how to pick the…

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A Remarkably Hard College Course Proves Remarkably Popular

by Wilfred McClay   We’re used to hearing that American college students don’t like reading and avoid tough courses where they have to. But a new course at the University of Oklahoma (OU) proves that many students are eager for a demanding course. Here’s the story. In the fall of…

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Commentary: The Ticking Fiscal Time Bomb Set in 1937 Could Tip America Into Despotism by 2030

US Flag

by Robert Osburn   Celebrated this past July 4, America’s founding story of freedom is truly remarkable: unity, courage, integrity, and national integration (incorporating people from around the world). In most other places, the freedom story is bloody, exclusive, and, ultimately, tyrannical. Take Nicaragua, for one example: In 1979, the Sandinistas…

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