Mike Lindell Commentary: Tax Day Visit by President Trump Is a Victory Lap for Minnesotans and for America

by Mike Lindell   I regret that I won’t be able to be in the Twin Cities area Monday night for President Trump’s Tax Day visit. Even though I’ll be in Israel, I’ll be watching from afar as thousands of my fellow Minnesotans show their excitement for the tremendous economic…

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Ohio Lawmakers Look to Come Together on Tax Reform Amid Divisive Abortion Battle

Ohio House Democrats unveiled a number of proposals Thursday that they claim will “modernize” Ohio’s tax system to “benefit working people, families and small businesses.” They’re calling the set of proposals the “People First Tax Reform,” which will include a “Working Families First” tax incentive. This incentive would reform Ohio’s…

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While Washington Erupts Over the Kavanaugh Confirmation, the House Pushes Through GOP’s Tax Reform 2.0

by Evie Fordham   The House of Representatives pushed through a legislation package nicknamed Tax Reform 2.0 that would make individual tax cuts permanent among other proposals Friday. The legislation is expected to stall in the Senate, although its Republican supporters could bring it back at some point after the…

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Underreported: What Tax Reform ‘Crumbs’ Meant for These Blue Collar Workers


by Kelsey Harkness   Tom Condon has seen Jamison Doors through many of the company’s ups and downs. A factory worker for 28 years, Condon has survived multiple rounds of layoffs, diligently scribing metal and performing other tasks to help piece together the cold storage doors the company’s been making for…

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Trump Touts Strong 2nd Quarter US Economic Growth

Donald Trump

by William Gallo   U.S. President Donald Trump touted the economy’s strong second quarter performance Friday, saying “we’re on track to hit the highest annual average growth rate in over 13 years.” The U.S. economy grew at a 4.1-percent annualized rate in the second quarter, its fastest pace in nearly four…

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Republicans Unveil Tax Cuts Round Two On The Same Day Progressives Release Plan For Tax Increases

Steve Scalise

by Julia Cohen   House Republicans announced they are working on a second iteration of tax cuts on Tuesday, the same day the Congressional Progressive Caucus announced a proposal for raising taxes. “The tax cuts have been working incredibly well to get this economy moving, to create more jobs, to…

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Hardly ‘Crumbs’: Cookie Maker Hires Five Workers, Raises Pay, Expands Production Under Tax Cuts

Joseph Semprevivo

by Rachel del Guidice   The overhaul of the tax code by congressional Republicans didn’t produce just crumbs for the business of a popular cookie maker based in Florida. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has meant hiring, raises, investment in new equipment, and expanded operations, he says. “It has had…

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As a Tax Accountant, I Can Tell You Tax Reform Is Helping Small Businesses

small business taxes

by Kalena Bruce   As we enter the summer, Republicans and Democrats continue to debate the merits of the tax cuts. Lost in this partisan bickering is the genuine and long-overdue relief the tax cuts offer small businesses. Sadly, the media reporting on small business tax cuts has been heavily…

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Analysis: Making Tax Cuts Permanent Should Be a Bipartisan No-Brainer

by Terry Muns   As summer approaches, the already-slow legislative production in Congress is grinding to a halt. Fewer and fewer members are willing to take a potentially controversial vote that could give opponents an opening for attack. But there’s one legislative proposal that should cut through this gridlock and…

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