Steyer Dumps More Cash Into Impeach Movement As Dems Jump On Board

by Chris White   Billionaire Tom Steyer is dumping more money into his campaign to oust President Donald Trump as incoming Democratic lawmakers consider jumping on board the movement to impeach the president. Steyer is plowing another $6 million into what some Democratic leaders worry is an ill-fated attempt to…

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Top Line Claim In Newest Climate Report Relies on Research Tied to Major Dem Donors

by Michael Bastasch   It’s been repeated throughout the media — future global warming could wipe-out one-tenth of the U.S. economy by 2100. It’s a top line finding of a major government climate report, but it’s based on a study funded by groups affiliated with two major Democratic donors. The…

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Tom Steyer is Dropping Another $16 Million in the Final Days of the Midterms

by Jason Hopkins   Billionaire activist Tom Steyer is reportedly preparing to drop one final money bomb before the midterm elections as he attempts to boot as many Republicans from office as possible. Steyer, together with his wife, has given over $42 million this midterm election cycle to Democrats and…

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You Can Literally Count On One Hand the Amount Individual Contributors Donated to Tom Steyer’s Green Energy Campaign

by Jason Hopkins   Individual contributions to Tom Steyer’s renewable energy campaign raised less than five dollars in the last reporting period. Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona — a pro-renewable energy organization backed by billionaire activist Tom Steyer — raised a grand total of $4.88 from individual contributions during…

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Ohio Democrat Auditor Candidate Zack Space Racks Up Big Dollars From Billionaire Impeachment Advocate Tom Steyer

Zack Space, Tom Steyer

According to Politico, billionaire, left wing climate activist Tom Steyer plans to spend at least $110 million in the 2018 elections to elect Democrats.  Their goal?  Vote to impeach President Donald Trump.  Until recently, most of this money was expected to be spent on congressional candidates and governors’ races.  But now…

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Steve Gill Commentary: Anti-Trump, Liberal Extremist Tom Steyer Donated $5400 to So-Called ‘Moderate Democrat’ Phil Bredesen

Tom Steyer, Phil Bredesen

Phil Bredesen is hoping to convince Tennessee voters, who overwhelming supported President Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, that he is not one of “those kind” of Democrats that are out of step with Tennessee values and issues. He has attempted to distance himself from his donations TO liberal Democrats like…

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