Steve Chabot, Troy Balderson Victorious as GOP Holds on to Ohio Congressional Seats

While Republicans failed to hold control of the U.S. House of Representatives Tuesday night, nobody can say that Ohio Republicans didn’t do their part. Republican Congressmen Steve Chabot, Troy Balderson, Dave Joyce and Mike Turner were all targeted for defeat by big-spending Democratic PACs and individuals. They failed to knock…

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‘Dishonest Danny’ Back on the Airwaves in 12th Congressional District with More False Claims

After a brief period of silence, the politician Ohio Republicans refer to as “Dishonest Danny” was back on the airwaves Tuesday – offering up more misleading statements to Ohio voters. In a new ad​, Danny O’Connor is taking a page out of the Democrats’ 2018 nationwide playbook by claiming he doesn’t accept corporate…

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GOP’s Balderson Declared the Winner in 12th Congressional District Special Election

Troy Balderson

Republican Troy Balderson was finally declared the winner on Friday of the Ohio District 12 congressional seat determined by voting that happened in a special election on Aug. 7. That was no surprise, as Balderson held a slim margin from the outset that seemed just barely enough to avoid a…

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