Nashville Mosque Leader Endorses Sumner County Democrat for State Legislative Seat

Rasheed Fakhruddin and Hana Ali

Rashed Fakhruddin, president of the Islamic Center of Nashville (ICN) has endorsed Hana Farooq Ali, the Democrat candidate running for a House seat in the Tennessee General Assembly. Ali is the only Democrat running to replace Rep. Courtney Rogers, a conservative Republican who has represented District 45 since being elected in 2012. The winner of the Republican primary will run against Ali in the November general election.

On her campaign website Ali describes herself as a “trained physician focused on research and the business side of healthcare” although there is no publicly available information about where she attended medical school or whether she completed any additional training. Nor did Ali provide that information when requested by The Tennessee Star.

Her husband, Mohammad Farooq Ali, M.D. is a board certified rheumatologist who attended medical school in Pakistan and finished his training in the U.S. He is the only physician listed for a Hendersonville practice called Comprehensive Arthritis Care.

Ali has posted a recent interview she had on the Dean Obeidallah radio show during which she uses recycled talking points about the moral failure of leadership to expand Medicaid in Tennessee, the failure to address the opioid crisis and the mean-spirited (Republican) legislators who need to be replaced.

Citing Phil Bredesen’s two terms as governor, Ali claims that “passionately purple” Tennessee is at a crossroads and is ready for new representation to replace the “meanies” who won’t expand Medicaid.

She is referring to the Tennessee General Assembly members who want federal Medicaid funds block-granted without strings attached so they can best configure coverage for those who are eligible but uninsured.

The “leadership failure” Ali refers to are the legislators who stopped Haslam from taking Tennessee down the road of other states that took the federal Medicaid dollars with strings attached, expanded their state program and like Ohio, reported being 33% over budget in the first year. A new report released in February 2018 by the Foundation for Government Accountability ” reveals that higher than projected enrollment and per-person costs of ObamaCare expansion have led to billions of dollars in cost overruns. In total, ObamaCare expansion has cost taxpayers more than two and a half times as much as promised.” As a consequence, resources for the “truly needy” are compromised and state budgets are being “shattered.”

Ali, however, says that expanding Medicaid is her number one priority issue.

Ali also says that she is not running on her ethnicity which from what is known about her suggests she may actually be trying to conceal. She doesn’t even acknowledge her Muslim identity when Obeidallah asks her “what’s it like being brown and a Muslim in Tennessee?”

Instead of answering the question Ali dodges and goes into a stump speech about partisan divisiveness.





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8 Thoughts to “Nashville Mosque Leader Endorses Sumner County Democrat for State Legislative Seat”

  1. Barbsrs

    I would NEVER vote for anyone that does NOT live by the Constitution not to anyone who lives by Sharia law!! Nor many belief that. z an.d a man may beat his wife!!!!

  2. Ned T.

    Doesn’t sharia allow Muslims to throw gay people from rooftops? What does this passionate Muslim have to say about that?


  3. Brian McMurphy

    Does Nashville Tent and Awning make burqas?

  4. Megan Barry

    Diversity is our strength! Besides, I have to wear a burka in public for now on.

  5. 83ragtop50

    Wow! I was just waiting for the mosque leader to endorse a candidate. I cannot wait to vote – for anyone but her.

  6. Brian McMurphy

    Nothing says “passionately purple” like campaigning on a leftwing, alleged comedian’s show and forced Medicaid funding of female genital mutilation.

    TNN, not CNN.

  7. Wolf Woman

    Islam is a complete ideology, a culture, a religion and a political system based in sharia law. A good Muslim follows the sharia, believes it is God’s (Allah’s) law and superior to man-made laws like the U.S. Constitution.

    Sharia law says a husband can beat his wife, that a woman’s testimony in court is worth half of a man’s, that a man can have four wives and slaves, including sex slaves, and establishes the position of the Kafir, the non-Muslim, as inferior, even in court. These are only a few laws of the sharia. The book, The Reliance of the Traveller, is a more complete listing of sharia law and a real eye opener for those who are interested.

    If Hana Ali is a good Muslim, she believes sharia law (derived from the Koran, the words of Allah, and the Sunnah, Mohammed’s words and deeds) is superior to our U.S. Constitution and the laws of our land. Is she a good Muslim?

    If Ali is to represent District 45 in the Tennessee Legislature, all Tennesseans must be assured that she represents our U.S. law only and the spirit of freedom and justice that it embodies. It’s time to take a stand, Hana.

  8. Austin

    The Sumner County District 45 is a real Bastion of Muslim Democrats, HA!