Commentary: Amnesty Push Proves We Need Jim Jordan As Speaker

Jim Jordan, Paul Ryan

by CHQ Staff


Our friends at the Eagle Forum, the principled grassroots constitutional conservative group founded by the late First Lady of the conservative movement Phyllis Schlafly, recently came out strongly in favor of Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio to replace the retiring RINO Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House.

One of the key points in the organization’s email to its grassroots membership bears passing on and echoing by every conservative opinion leader:

–          If the “compromise [amnesty for illegal aliens] bill” passes, this will not fare well for Republicans in the upcoming November elections.  If Democrats gain control of the House, a much more liberal bill without any border security will be inevitable.

–          Republicans would not have been in this situation if we had true Conservative Leadership in the House.  Speaker Ryan, Leader McCarthy, and Whip Scalise have all had a hand in allowing this fight to become so moderate.  This is the perfect time to encourage support for Rep. Jim Jordan for Speaker.

–          Our grassroots advocates are very upset by the illegal immigration crisis and are confused by the flip-flop of Congress on this issue.  They will be motivated to voice their support for new leadership, specifically for Jim Jordan who will go to great lengths to secure our border.

Eagle Forum has it absolutely right on this: The push for amnesty for illegal aliens is a crisis made by the existing House Republican “leadership.”

Speaker Paul Ryan, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and Republican Whip Steve Scalise are all complicit and part of the problem. If we had a principled conservative Speaker, like Jim Jordan, and a conservative House leadership team the country would be safer, and conservatives would not be given two bad choices as the only alternatives to address our border security problems.

What’s more, polling shows that the American people don’t want amnesty and they are fed-up with leaders like Ryan, McCarthy and Scalise.

A new national survey commissioned by our friends at ForAmerica, shows that 2018 Mid-Term Election likely voters across the board – be they self-identified conservatives, self-identified independents, and even self-identified moderates(!) – are even more likely to vote Republican if they knew the new Speaker of the House would come from outside the current Leadership apparatus.

The poll by McLaughlin and Associates, potentially stunts the ambitions of GOP leaders like Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA), both of whom are rumored to want to replace Paul Ryan as Speaker says our friend David Bozell, the President of

The polling shows that turnout would increase, in favor of the Republican Party, if voters were assured that those politicians would NOT get the job of Speaker.

David Bozell says respondents were asked two questions related to the U.S. House Speaker race:

First, if they would be more or less likely to vote Republican for Congress this November if they “knew the next Republican House Speaker would be picked from the current Republican House Leadership and would continue to support and advocate the same policies as the current Republican House leadership.”

Second, if they would be more or less likely to vote Republican for Congress this November if they “knew the next Republican House Speaker would not be from the current Republican House Leadership but would be someone new from outside the current leadership who would advocate the populist conservative policies of President Trump: ‘drain the swamp’; ‘build the wall’; congressional term limits; etc.

The poll results show that if voters knew the new Speaker is someone from outside current leadership, someone who advocates for Trump’s agenda, Republican members pick up “more likely” votes in so many categories concluded Bozell:

 – +4 percentage points from self-identified Republicans
– +1 percentage point from self-identified Democrats
– +9 percentage points from self-identified Independents
– +7 percentage points from self-identified Moderates (an interesting and surprising number, more on that below.)
– +5 percentage points from self-identified Conservatives

The positive vibes for an overhaul of the Republican Leadership don’t stop at political affiliation says Bozell. A variety of socioeconomic backgrounds yield increased turnout for Republicans. Those voters more likely to vote GOP IF those voters knew a Leadership change was coming:

 – Men (+4 percent) AND women (+5 percent)
– College graduates (+ 6 percent) AND those without a college degree (+4 percent)
– Whites (+7 percent); Hispanics (+4 percent)
– Voters Under 55 years-old (+4 percent); Voters Over 55 years-old (+6 percent)
– Single voters (+ 5 percent); AND married voters (+4 percent)

And these voters aren’t just from cherry-picked friendly House Freedom Caucus districts either. Voter desires for new Leadership knows no geographic bounds. Voters residing in the East (+10 percent), voters in the West (+6 percent), voters in the Midwest (+4 percent), and voters in the South (+2 percent) are all more likely to vote Republican if they know the next Speaker will not come from the current GOP Leadership team.

You can read David Bozell’s CNS News column on the poll through this link.

The poll shows what the Eagle Forum and other conservatives have been saying for a long time: It isn’t just Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, it is the entire existing Republican Capitol Hill “leadership” that is toxic to voters.

If Republicans want to win in November, they must make clear to voters that their choice for Speaker is someone other than current Republican Leaders, someone who is fighting against DC’s Swamp culture and is consistently advocating for Trump’s agenda.  Click this link to add your name to the list of conservative leaders demanding a change in the House leadership by electing Jim Jordan Speaker.









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One Thought to “Commentary: Amnesty Push Proves We Need Jim Jordan As Speaker”

  1. Stuart I. Anderson

    You want Jim Jordan to be speaker? You can’t complain about getting a centrist/tepid conservative speaker if you send centrist/tepid conservative/No Record Candidate Republicans to the U. S. House.

    Sixth District conservatives, send Judd Matheny to the House and there’s a vote for Jim Jordan? The liberals who fund John Rose are not Jim Jordan fans and with Corlew, who knows? WANT JORDAN? VOTE MATHENY!