Former State Representative Joe Carr Endorses Bill Lee for Governor

Bill Lee, Joe Car

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Bill Lee chalked up another endorsement Tuesday; this time, from conservative former State Representative Joe Carr.

“I sat down with Bill, looked him in the eye and asked him the tough questions about the Rights of the Unborn, the Second Amendment, a smaller more efficient state government, and, of course, the growing problem of illegal immigration in Tennessee,” the Republican firebrand said in a statement.

Carr added, “Bill didn’t back down when I asked him these questions. Bill Lee showed me he is man of conviction who is willing to ‘Stand Firm’ even if it means he has to stand alone. But, Bill Lee doesn’t have to stand alone because like tens of thousands of Tennesseans across the state, I will stand with Bill Lee. I believe Bill Lee is what Tennessee needs to move Tennessee forward and he has my unwavering endorsement and support.”

Carr continued:

Bill is a proven businessman with a heart for working men and women. Just like President Trump, his decision to run isn’t about a desire to climb the political ladder, it’s about a desire to serve the people. Bill isn’t a typical candidate for office, and to me, that’s a strength!

He’s unafraid to speak his mind, even when it’s not the politically correct answer. In his debates and town halls, he’s stepped up as the only top-tier candidate who has been consistent on illegal immigration, refusing to support licenses, in-state tuition, or any other benefit for those here illegally. As someone who has led on the question of illegal immigration, I have complete trust that Bill will enforce the law and defend the Constitution.

To lead our state, we need an outsider, and we need a conservative. And Bill Lee is the only candidate to meet both criteria.

Responding to the full-throated endorsement, Lee said, “It is truly an honor to have someone with rock solid conservative credentials like Joe Carr. This endorsement shows that conservatives across the state are joining this campaign to send a message that we’re ready to challenge the status quo in Nashville.”

The Lee campaign notes former State Representative Carr is known as “one of the foremost authorities on solving the problem of illegal immigration in Tennessee.”

In 2009, Carr gained national attention when he wrote and passed the nation’s first ‘No Sanctuary City’ Law. He also wrote and passed Tennessee’s E-Verify Law along with Tennessee’s law disallowing state taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal aliens. He is also the author of numerous other pieces of legislation that protected the Tennessee Family and the American Worker.

Carr cut his time in office short when he resigned from the state house in 2014 to run against Senator Lamar Alexander in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate, where he was lost to the senior senator 49 – 40 percent. In 2016, Carr stood for office against Rep Diane Black and lost his bid by a 2-t0-1 margin.

After the historic election of President Donald Trump in 2016, Carr once again ran for office – this time in the special election to replace State Senator Jim Tracy, who was tapped by the new Republican administration to serve in the USDA. Carr was defeated by political newcomer and businessman Shane Reeves by a 2-t0-1 margin once again.

Reeves went on to win the special general election against progressive fundraiser and blogger Gayle Jordan, 71 – 28 percent.











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8 Thoughts to “Former State Representative Joe Carr Endorses Bill Lee for Governor”

  1. lb

    Sorry to hear this about Carr. His ” I looked him in the eye” BS is ridiculous. What he DIDNT apparently pin him down on was WHAT is he going to do about the illegals invading this State? Radio silence. That is my #1 issue, #2 is repealing the gas tax and then we go from there

  2. Stuart I. Anderson

    Boyd is by far the most liberal major candidate in the field. He is also first or second in most poles that I have seen thus far. Unless conservatives unite behind the candidate that is also first or second WE’LL GET RANDY! or eight more years of Haslamism. Eight more years of screaming, petitioning, pushing, pulling to get the governor to do the right thing. Conservatives, why would you impose such a thing on yourself?

    Thus far every pole I have seen has Diane Black in first or second along with Boyd. Unless there is a change in the poles vote Black to avoid Boyd, its’s as simple as that. So long as he’s in third place there is no reason to vote for NO RECORD Lee over 78% Heritage score Black.

  3. John Bumpus

    Tennessee Right to Life Endorses Diane Black for Governor. 6-30-18
    State Senator Mark Green Endorses Diane Black for Governor. 7-1-18
    Tennessee Right to Life Endorses Dr. Mark Green for Congress. 7-4-18
    Like ducks in a row. Very neat, very tidy.
    I prefer Bill Lee myself. (I was a long time deciding between Lee and Harwell.) It’s a calculated risk any way that you look at it. But ‘the jury is pretty much in’ with Boyd and Black. And Mae Beavers supports Lee.

    1. 83ragtop50

      How could you have you even given Harwell a second thought considering how she has NOT performed as Speaker? Please explain. The only real conservative was Mae Beavers but she did not have the finances to contend in a race where money talks.

  4. Silence Dogood

    I have no interest in voting for Governor a business person with no legislative footprints. Governmental systems are complicated and Bill Lee has no experience managing such a system. Made that HUGE mistake with Haslam. My vote for Trump was the result of an overwhelming disgust for Republicans such as Jeb Bush, Bob Corker, and Bill Haslam. RINO’s. And HRC was Satan herself. Yes, I am a deplorable. We face no such choices in this election. Diane Black may not be perfect but she has a long and verifiable history of Conservatism and has proven she can confront the Fascists on the Left and win. MAGA. Vote Diane Black.

  5. Kevin

    The BIG government machine does not like people like Joe Carr, who doesn’t play by their rules and makes his own way through the swamp! The BIG government machine of which Black and Boyd are card carrying members need to get rid of Bill Lee, who represents a challenge to their status quo and guaranteed continuation.

    Boyd is part of the “I own and run Tennessee” Haslam cartel. Black part of the Boehner/Ryan/DC establishment cartel. Harwell, well, she’s just a Haslam wanna be.

    Only Bill lee represents someone who is NOT part of the existing swamp. Now don’t get me wrong, anybody who wants to be President or Governor, is someone to be watched and monitored! And Bill Lee if elected will need to be watched and monitored! But there is one thing that I do know, have any of you tried to get a one-on-one audience with Randy Boyd or Diane Black? It won’t happen, unless you are a big contributor or a member of the exclusive “Establishment” club. With Bill Lee, it can and has happened, by me and many “rank and file” average citizens that I know.

    Will this last forever, if he’s elected, well that is an unknown but it is partially up to us. I do believe that at least with Bill Lee, we have a chance to start out having a voice in his ear! It’s up to us whether we take it or not. With Black and Boyd, when we average citizens try to talk to them, all we get back is the sound of “crickets” and more taxes and regulations!

    Bill Lee is the closest that we have to getting a modern day Andrew Jackson in the Governor’s house.

  6. 83ragtop50

    My opinion of Mr. Carr just went down several notches.

    1. Ditto. Bill Lee is not who you think he is. He is not a bad man, but he is highly-questionable on too many fronts. As I’ve said, being pro-life, in itself, makes not a true conservative. There is so much more. Bill is not that guy. And his campaign staff is extremely suspect. That is one of his most glaring problems. You choose questionable people to run your campaign, and those same people become part of your administration if you win. No thanks.