Randy Boyd Calls Diane Black ‘D.C. Diane’ And Questions Her Record On Immigration In Flyer, Website

anto-Black mailer

Republican gubernatorial candidate Randy Boyd fired a salvo this week at opponent Diane Black by calling her “D.C. Diane” and questioning her past stances on immigration as a congresswoman and former state senator.

Boyd’s campaign mailed a flyer which said, in part, “The Real D.C. Diane Black: A typical 20-year career politician who says one thing in Tennessee, but does another in D.C.”

The flyer said:

  • “D.C. Diane mocked President Trump’s border wall. In an interview with liberal reporter Katie Couric, D.C. Diane Black openly mocked and laughed at President Trump’s plan to build a border wall saying: ‘First of all, you can’t build a wall. That won’t work. It can’t be done.’
  • “Voted against funding for border security. D.C. Diane voted against a bill that provided $1.6 billion to fund the border wall, even though most Republicans and President Trump supported it.
  • “Voted to give Tennessee drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. Diane Black voted for a bill at the urging of Democrat Governor Phil Bredesen to give drivers licenses to illegal immigrants.
  • “Voted to give Obama a blank check for his amnesty. The conservative Heritage Foundation slammed a bill D.C. Diane supported that funded Obama’s executive amnesty for illegal immigrants.”

The flyer as well as Google ads promote a website titled “D.C. Diane Black | Opposes Trump’s Border Wall.”

The flyer fits in with two themes that Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill recently pointed out about the Republican gubernatorial primary: candidates claiming they are more aligned with President Trump and more anti-illegal immigration than their opponents.

Rep. Black made headlines in May by calling for crowdsourcing to pay for building President Trump’s border wall. Black also recently filed legislation to make entering the United States illegally a felony instead of a misdemeanor, according to The Tennessee Journal.












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2 Thoughts to “Randy Boyd Calls Diane Black ‘D.C. Diane’ And Questions Her Record On Immigration In Flyer, Website”


    Diane Black; No more greedy prohibitionist dinosaurs.. Diane Black is just another greedy corporate puppet and elitist that would sell her own greedy mother for a few greedy campaign contributions. While Karl Dean resembles Hillary Clinton in drag and he is also an Authoritarian he has already sold out ‘and will’ sell out Nashville for a few greedy campaign payoffs. All special interests.Likewise Beth Harwell, a feminazi and amateur liar that began her campaign with lies. Not much of a better choice. GOD save us all from all these creatures. I will go for the underdog CRAIG FITZHUGH, (Green Pick) currently the Minority Leader of the Tennessee House of Representatives. The best of the lot.

  2. ml moon

    Fox news 4/13/06.GOP leaders to remove Felony charges for illegal immigrats. Dennis Hastert & Bill Frist/Tn.