Mark Skoda Commentary: Diane Black for Governor

Mark Skoda

Over the years, I have observed Diane Black support pro-life issues, our 2nd Amendment gun rights and more recently, President Trump.  Her conservative bona fides are clear reasons for this endorsement.  Her experience and tenacity in the face of vocal opposition are what we need in Tennessee’s next gubernatorial term.   During her tenure as a Congressman, I have watched as Diane worked to ensure that conservative ideas were given voice.

Her pro-life support and her stance on the importance of the family as the fundamental building block of society are well known.  She submitted her first bill as a Congressman to overturn funding to Planned Parenthood and has continued that effort fighting for the Defund Planned Parenthood Act.

When it comes to healthcare, Diane, a nurse, is well versed in legislative issues related to healthcare and its impact on people.  She also recognizes the importance to Tennessee both as a function of quality of life for Tennesseans generally and the business environment in particular.  She has been a steadfast opponent of Obamacare and worked to eliminate certain elements of that law that saved taxpayers over $13 billion dollars.

More recently, Congressman Black has served on the House Ways and Means Committee and worked to shepherd President Trump’s tax overhaul package through the committee.  She has been a Trump supporter and is not afraid to support him and his ideas through that legislative body.  Where others would go mute, Diane was consistently vocal in the support of our President.

She has worked to reign in budgets that are out of control, co-sponsored legislation for a balanced budget amendment and cosponsored the No Budget, No Pay Act.  As a fiscal conservative, Diane has recognized the difficulties in getting the Federal budget under control.  As Tennessee’s executive, she will be well positioned to lead the fight on fiscal matters.

In her nearly forty years of government experience, Diane has matured in her views and in her abilities.  She has learned from her mistakes and found her footing as a legislator and leader.  In taking the decision to leave her role in Congress, Diane Black is ready to take on this executive role while serving the people of Tennessee.

We are fortunate to have many good Republicans in this critical primary, but I believe Diane Black is the best candidate to lead our state and further, make Tennessee a great place to live and do business while defending our rights and the Constitution.  She should be elected Tennessee’s next governor.”

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Mark Skoda is a business executive and long-time Tea Party activist. He is the founder of the Memphis Tea Party and America First Federation.  







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One Thought to “Mark Skoda Commentary: Diane Black for Governor”

  1. Rick

    Her voting record is not conservative.