Marsha Blackburn: Democrat Mark Brown Cursing ‘Reveals The True Nature of What They Think About Trump Voters’

Republican U.S. Sen. candidate Marsha Blackburn spoke Tuesday with Charles Payne on Fox Business about the “incivility crisis” in America, especially as incited by the Tennessee Democratic Party against Trump supporters. You can watch the interview here.

Payne asked U.S. Rep. Blackburn (R-TN-07) about comments made by Mark Brown, a Tennessee Democratic Party communications official who is serving as spokesman for Democratic U.S. Sen. candidate Phil Bredesen, a former governor.

“We know that there was a comment about “F— reaching out to Trump voters,” by the candidate and spokesman himself, calling them ‘idiots,’” Payne asked Blackburn. “This is remarkable. Right now, your campaign is on center stage. The whole country is watching. In fact, many think it may actually determine the outcome of power in Washington, D.C., in November. Can you believe this?”

Blackburn said, “We were very, we were stunned to hear this, but you know what Charles? It reveals the true nature of what they think and how they think about Trump voters, and through his spokesman, Phil Bredesen is revealing this, and of course, it was bad enough when his friend Hillary Clinton, who he gave $33,400 to, called us all deplorables, and now we’re hearing they think we’re morons and idiots and not worth the time, and for hard-working Tennesseans who support the President to hear that. It is just unthinkable. It is so unfortunate, and the bad thing is I understand that the guy hasn’t been fired. He’s still there and working as their spokesperson.”

Payne said, “If this had happened with someone on your team, someone at the highest levels of your team, could you imagine the sort of criticism that you’d be taking, national criticism,” Payne said.

Blackburn said she agreed.

“It is, and what Tennesseans want is someone that is going to be a solid conservative in the Senate,” she said. “They want someone who is going to keep the focus on keeping this economy going. You were just talking about salaries and wages and the increase in that. We are hearing that everyday and that is where people want the focus to be, and then they hear something like this, it is just beyond the pale, if you will. Donald Trump is very popular in Tennessee. His policies are very popular in the state. They are working, and people want to make certain that we continue this economic growth.”

Blackburn will be a guest on WTN’s Nashville’s Morning News with Brian Wilson at 7:05 am this morning.

She is expected to address former Gov. Bredesen’s failure to disavow the vulgar remarks made by Tennessee Democratic Party spokesperson Mark Brown about Trump supporters.

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