Do As We Say, Not as We Do: MSM Conveniently Reprimands Republicans, Not Democrats on First Amendment Reporting

Steve Gill

During Friday’s broadcast of The Gill Report – live on WETR 92.3 FM in Knoxville – conservative political commentator and Tennessee Star Political Editor Steve Gill was humored by the one-sided and propaganda-driven reporting by the ‘fake news media,’ and it’s ability to conveniently forget the actions of the lefts attempt to conveniently silence it’s reporters… when it suits their agenda.

Gill said:

You know just [Thursday], three hundred and fifty newspapers around the country took President Trump to task for supposedly not supporting the first amendment because he’s been critical of the fake news media.

Now despite the fact that there’s plenty of evidence that the coordinated attacks on President Trump through all the forms of media but most notably MSNBC, CNBC, and CNN are provably false so many times and the agenda, the propaganda, focus of the media in attacking Trump was really proved yesterday when again, these three hundred and fifty papers coordinated to attack the President, on a false basis. He’s not against the first amendment simply because he highlights the fact that the media is not embracing their journalistic responsibilities.

And keep in mind that not so long ago when President Trump kicked CNN reporter, I think it was Acosta, or was one of the others out of the briefing room because of their attitude and the tone and tenor of their questions and refusing to be silent when a different event was taking place. The President was subject to scathing rebuke and criticism by the media.

Well now we have Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who’s the darling, the poster child of the extreme left who won her congressional race up in Brooklyn with about fifteen thousand voters turning out in the primary. She’s become the darling of the left in the media. Traveling around the country endorsing people left and right most of whom loose. Well she banned the media from her latest Town Hall event. And you haven’t heard much about this in the media because unlike President Trump, the media doesn’t really care when a liberal silences the Press. Now she’s a Democrat New York congressional candidate who banned the media from her latest Town Hall event with constituents. Her listening tour, where apparently, she didn’t want anybody listening who didn’t meet with her approval. Her campaign refused to allow any TV or newspaper reporters into her event in Corona, Queens.

Now the campaign spokesman, a guy named Corbin Trent said the ban was the campaigns response to an incident last week when they were mobbed at an event by journalists who were wanting to ask questions despite it being a non-Q-and-A event. (Gill chuckles) Sort of like when the President kicked out a CNN reporter for failing to abide by the rules.

But you’re not going to hear much about this in the media because the bottom line is the media is FAKE NEWS they are bias, they are promoting a propaganda agenda to promote Democrats at the expense of Republicans and at the expense of their journalistic integrity. We just don’t often have such clear examples so quickly after they collude together to prove the President’s point.

Listen the the segment:

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