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4 Thoughts to “Submit Your Letter to the Editor”

  1. Scott Jeppesen

    The Democrats were successful in removing Margorie Greene from her assigned committees. This has no precedence as those committee assignments should be controlled by the representative’s own party. If the Dem’s are so upset about prior language and statements, why is Maxine Waters still in congress, why is Eric Swalwell still on his committee, why is Alcee Hastings still in congress. In 1974 Chuck Schumer conspired to get several black families removed from rental property. Why is Schumer still in the senate. The Republicans need to learn how to play hardball along with the Dem’s. This country is very close to a tipping point and the 75 million Trump supporters are still alive and well.

  2. Robert Tuttle

    Let’s unite the country? Really?
    OK, let’s start with ending the calls for demonizing, censoring, arresting, firing, black-balling, or deprogramming Trump supporters; not calling us traitors or domestic terrorists, and stopping the harassment of Donald Trump with endless insults, lies and lawsuits.
    How about an admission that the 4 years of Russia collusion lies and harassment was unfounded, that President Trump did not openly call for an armed insurrection of the Capitol building, and abandoning this ridiculous and unconstitutional impeachment trial.
    How about acknowledging that BLM is the real domestic terror organization, headed by avowed Marxists who are hell bent on destroying the nuclear American family, and responsible for the destruction and vandalism of thousands of small businesses, federal buildings and monuments, the deaths of dozens of Americans, and the death or injury of almost 300 police officers.
    Then maybe we’ll learn to live with the election you stole and agree to talk about moving this country forward.

    In the meantime, expect 74 million Americans to support Joe Biden just like you Democrats supported Donald Trump.

  3. Gina M Brosell

    The question of the Gay/Lesbian et al accomplishments being noted is redundant. Through the ages, if an accomplishment was noteworthy, it was noted. The only thing being left out was their title according to their sexuality, which is unnecessary and inappropriate in terms of school children text books and literature. It would be like a heterosexual teacher announcing to his class, “I had great sex with my wife last night. Boy am I bushed!”
    It’s ridiculous, it’s not necessary in any sense of education. Just include the accomplishment and leave off the sexual preference title and move on!