Danny O’Connor’s Campaign ‘Foot Soldiers’ Part of Orchestrated Campaign to Intimidate Conservatives

Of all Danny O’Connor’s far-left endorsements, from Planned Parenthood and MoveOn.org to various organizations funded by billionaire activists like George Soros, one of the most troubling may be a group called Indivisible.

While O’Connor tries his best to play the role of “moderate” Democrat and craft his comments in a way that will play well in a conservative congressional district like Ohio-12, he can’t hide the fact that he is endorsed by all of the same labor unions, PACs and single-issue lobbyists that support avowed Democratic-Socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

If they are judged objectively by the company they keep, then O’Connor and Ocasio-Cortez are both young socialists backed by the exact same organizations.

The only difference is Ocasio-Cortez is from New York and can be honest about her intentions to fundamentally transform America into a socialist state with open borders, expanded welfare with drastically higher taxes, and special rights and privileges for certain “protected classes,” including illegal immigrants and criminal aliens.

While Ocasio-Cortez can talk openly about her intentions to abolish ICE, dismantle the national security apparatus, give free tuition and free healthcare to everyone while drastically raising taxes on the middle class, O’Connor must avoid such radical talk at all costs.

But you will know a man by the friends he hangs with, and O’Connor has fallen in with the folks at Indivisible Ohio-12.

The radical group endorsed O’Connor early on and has been running interference for him ever since. On Aug. 26 Indivisible Ohio-12 announced on its Facebook page it would be manning a phonebank center for O’Connor on Aug. 28 at the Clintonville Democratic Headquarters on Indianola Avenue in Columbus.

Interestingly, O’Connor doesn’t include Indivisible on his website’s list of endorsements, even though the group frequently conveys its support for him on Facebook. Is he afraid some Ohioans will begin to connect the dots?

You can see all, well, almost all, of Danny O’Connor’s endorsements here at his website.

Indivisible has been linked to intimidation at Republican town halls nationwide and has used threats of violence to get hotels and other venues to cancel conservative speaking events throughout the Midwest.

John R. Lott Jr., president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, in a Sept. 18, 2017 op-ed for The Hill, named Indivisible along with Antifa as two of the most corrupting influences on American democracy.

Lott traces the formation of Indivisible to a far-left labor union activist. He writes:

“One group in the thick of this battle is ‘Indivisible.’ The group was founded by a former staffer for Democratic Rep. Lloyd Doggett, and its COO, Matt Traidi, is the research coordinator for the Service Employees International Union. Indivisible provides these instructions on how to prevent other town hall attendees from asking questions: ‘Don’t give up the mic until you’re satisfied with the answer. If you’ve asked a hostile question … keep a firm hold on the mic. No staffer in their right mind wants to look like they’re physically intimidating a constituent, so they will back off.’”

The Service Employees International Union, or SEIU, is included on O’Connor’s publicly available list of endorsements. Again, few Ohioans will connect the dots.

The SEIU-spawned Indivisible has also sent its political storm-troopers to the homes of Republican congressmen to intimidate. They have targeted swing districts such as those of Rep. John Faso, R-N.Y., and Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., and increasingly are targeting more conservative districts such as Ohio District 12, although they tend not to be as brazen as they are in liberal areas.

“About 200 protesters showed up at Issa’s home to harass him for not holding town hall meetings,” Lott reports.

So, Indivisible plans to disrupt town halls and then go to Republican congressmen’s homes and offices to protest the lack of town halls.

This is the same group, Indivisible, that has endorsed O’Connor and is providing many of the foot-soldiers for his campaign in Ohio, where they hope to replace District 12 Republican Congressman Troy Balderson in the Nov. 6 election.

According to a candidates’ questionnaire filled out by participants in a Feb. 26 Indivisible candidates forum, one of whom was O’Connor, the group asks about “expanding the franchise” of voting rights to those not now afforded such rights. This can only mean one thing: The inclusion of non-citizens in the electoral process, which is already being experimented with in school-board elections by Democrat-run cities in California.

When asked by Indivisible how he would “expand the franchise”, O’Connor answered:

Laws ranging from the Automatic Voter Registration Act to the Voting Rights Advancement Act are laws that I would co‐sponsor as a member of Congress.

The first bill speaks for itself – voter registration would be automatic, meaning very little oversight or verification of citizenship, felony records, etc.

The second bill supported by O’Connor is the Voting Rights Advancement Act, which would amend the Voting Rights Act of 1965 in such a way that it would take control over voter rolls away from states and give it to the U.S. Department of Justice whenever a pattern of discrimination is found. This sounds great on paper, were it not for the fact that the staff of the DOJ has been exposed over the past two years as filled with politically motivated lawyers administering selective justice. They clearly have two standards, one for Democrats and another for Republicans. Violations of the Voting Rights Act by Democrats would rarely if ever be prosecuted, while lawyers would engage in daily fishing expeditions in Republican states.

Read the Act here and decide for yourself if it would protect the integrity of the voting process or open new doors for its corruption by partisan federal DOJ lawyers.

As Lott says in his op-ed for The Hill, it’s understandable that Democrats don’t want to criticize the tactics of Indivisible or the Service Employees International Union.

“Over two years from 2015 to 2016, the Service Employees International Union’s PAC spent over $55 million helping candidates, and 100 percent of their contributions to federal candidates went to Democrats.”

So whenever Indivisible calls, Danny O’Connor will answer.







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3 Thoughts to “Danny O’Connor’s Campaign ‘Foot Soldiers’ Part of Orchestrated Campaign to Intimidate Conservatives”

  1. Gene Carroll

    We’re just getting started. August was a warm-up. Wait until you see what we can do in November. We’re putting people on the ground clearance out in Muskingum County. If you want this seat then you are going to have to earn it.

  2. Sarah

    Um… we aren’t foot soldiers. We are constituents who are tired of being represented by GOP candidates who are bought by corporations and industries in the hopes that the reps will do their bidding. It’s time for our representatives to listen to the people and not the industries!

  3. Stephanie Agosta

    Seriously, no one is buying your BS. Expect us.