Ohio Grassroots Push GOP Establishment to Endorse Jim Jordan for Speaker of the U.S. House

Jim Jordan, Donald Trump

A poll showed that 77.36 percent of Ohio Republicans believe that U.S. Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH-04) should be elected as the next Speaker of the House.

More information is available here. The questions are available here.

The Ohio TEA Party organization We the People Convention released the results of its Ohio state poll which was conducted on Aug. 19. The poll surveyed a random sample of 614 Ohio Republicans to determine the level of support for Jordan’s bid to become the next Speaker.

Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA-01), the House’s Majority Whip, received 14.98 percent. Representative Kevin McCarthy (R-CA-23), House Majority Leader, received 7.65 percent. More than 80 percent of Ohio Republican voters felt that Jordan would be the most supportive of President Donald Trump’s agenda.

The survey also found that 79.82 percent of Republican voters felt that the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee should endorse Jordan for Speaker. They will meet at their State Central Committee on Sept. 7. A total of 73.19 percent felt Ohio’s nine incumbent Republican congressmen and six candidates should endorse Jordan out of loyalty to a fellow Ohioan and Congress member.  A majority of 55.29 percent said that it would affect their vote for members if they endorsed Jordan before election day.

TEA Party reacts

Tom Zawistowski, president of the We the People Convention said, “As President Trump saw first hand at the rally in Lewis Center, Ohio a few weeks back, and as this statewide polls shows, Jim Jordan is clearly the overwhelming choice of Ohio Republicans to be the next Speaker of the US House of Representatives.

“I would also point out that the TEA Party Patriots survey last week showed that 98.4 percent of TEA Party activist around the nation support Jordan for Speaker. The reasons are clear, we trust Jim Jordan as Speaker to restore regular order and allow the House to serve the people instead of special interests. We trust Jim Jordan to do what those we elect to office promised us they would do. We know that Jim Jordan will support the agenda the people elected President Trump to implement instead of obstructing the President every step of the way as has been the case under the current Speaker of the House.”

Contact congressmen for Jordan

Zawistowski urges voters to contact their representative or candidate to ask them to support Jordan. He listed their contact information in an email along with a percentage of Republican voters in their districts who support Jordan. (“To my knowledge only Warren Davidson and Steve Kraus have already endorsed Jordan,” he said.)

He asks voters to write back to him in email to give the responses.

District Congressman WantJordan Chief of Staff/Candidate Email Phone


Rep. Steve Chabot (R)


[email protected] 202-225-2216


Rep. Brad Wenstrup (R)


[email protected] 202-225-3164


Jim Burgess (R-Candidate)


[email protected] 614-816-0612


Rep. Jim Jordan (R)




Rep. Bob Latta (R)


[email protected] 202-225-6405


Rep. Bill Johnson (R)


[email protected] 202-225-5705


Rep. Bob Gibbs (R)


[email protected] 202-225-6265


Rep. Warren Davidson (R)


[email protected] 202-225-6205


Steve Krause (R-Candidate)


[email protected] 419-239-4283


Rep. Mike Turner (R)


[email protected] 202-225-6465


Beverly Goldstein (R-Candidate)


[email protected] 216-209-2444


Rep. Troy Balderson (R)


[email protected] 260-444-1420


Chris DePizzo (R-Candidate)


[email protected] 330-774-7276


Rep. David Joyce (R)


[email protected] 202-225-5731


Rep. Steven Stivers (R)


[email protected] 202-225-2015


Rep. Jim Renacci (R)


[email protected] 202-225-3876

Contact Ohio Republican committee members

Zawistowski also asks voters to contact their Ohio Republican Party representatives to support Jordan. The central committee contact information is:

District FullName Email Address Home Phone Cell Phone
SCC1 Gina Campbell [email protected]
SCC1 Rob Campbell [email protected]
SCC2 Mark Wagoner [email protected] (419) 531-0487 (419) 283-9539
SCC2 Dee Talmage [email protected] (419) 535-1605 (419) 304-9321
SCC3 Jo Ann Davidson [email protected] (614) 864-8879 (614) 203-0308
SCC3 David Goodman [email protected] (614) 933-1011 (614) 327-8082
SCC4 Gary Cates [email protected] (513) 602-1932
SCC4 Patti Alderson
SCC5 Steve Bruns
SCC5 Mary Beth Kemmer
SCC6 Judy Westbrock [email protected] (937) 885-7492 (937) 470-5005
SCC6 Pat Flanagan [email protected] (937) 434-0734 (937) 477-2421
SCC7 Bob McEwen [email protected] (513) 257-2259 (703) 929-4256
SCC7 Michelle Schneider [email protected] (513) 251-6598
SCC8 Alex Triantafilou [email protected] (513) 347-7277 (513) 535-5220
SCC8 Mary Anne Christie [email protected] (513) 561-2224 (513) 703-0236
SCC9 Stanley Aronoff [email protected] (513) 235-7177
SCC9 Crystal Faulkner [email protected] (513) 607-7041
SCC10 Steve Austria [email protected] (937) 609-8355
SCC10  Vacant
SCC11 Bill Delaney [email protected] (419) 654-4251
SCC11 Shelley Kennedy [email protected] (419) 474-0400 (419) 810-3670
SCC12 Keith Cheney [email protected] (419) 228-7040










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