Democrats ‘Plotted Coordinated Protests’ to Shut Down Kavanaugh Hearing as Brown Stays Silent

Sherrod Brown

Democrats sought to shut down the confirmation hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh Tuesday under the pretense that they had not had enough time to review documents related to his years of public service.

Nearly two dozen protesters suddenly appeared in the Senate hearing room, disrupting the proceedings by shouting demands to adjourn.

By morning’s end, some 22 protesters had been arrested and hauled out of the hearing room, including the radical Palestinian-American activist Linda Sarsour, who last year called for American Muslims to wage jihad against the Trump administration.

Democrats immediately harangued Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley as he opened the hearing at 9:30 a.m., speaking out of order and seeking to adjourn the hearing. Sarsour started screaming “Adjourn the hearing!” as she was led out of the room by Capitol Police.

Watch Sarsour’s outburst captured on video and posted to Twitter:

Sen. Richard Blumenthal [D-CT] motioned for adjournment. He was not recognized. Sen. Cory Booker [D-NJ], then tried to “appeal to your sense of decency Mr. Chairman” to adjourn the meeting and allow more time for more documents to be read.

Watch video of Democrats disrupting Kavanaugh confirmation hearing:

It was all a staged. And Grassley would have none of it. He ignored the protesters and continued the hearing, refusing to acknowledge all motions to adjourn.

According to NBC News correspondent Kasie Hunt, the entire stunt was planned over Labor Day weekend by Democrat leaders, including Sen. Chuck Schumer [D-NY].

Does Sen. Sherrod Brown [D-OH] support his Democratic Party bosses and colleagues disrupting the hearing for a Supreme Court nominee that 56 percent of Ohioans have said they want confirmed​?

Why is Brown hesitant to speak out against such heavy-handed tactics used by his own party?

Perhaps it’s because he’s joined the loudest Democrats in his party who have already announced their opposition to this highly-qualified, mainstream judge before hearings even began, said Mandi Merritt, the Ohio communications director for the Republican National Committee.

Sherrod Brown should stand up to his own party and denounce their ridiculous antics during Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing this morning. Ohioans are clear in their desire to see Judge Kavanaugh confirmed and won’t take kindly to Brown failing to call out his bosses and colleagues for not giving him a fair hearing​.”

While many Democrats took to Twitter to offer their support for Tuesday’s protests led by Sarsour, the office of Sen. Orrin Hatch [R-UT], condemned the stalling tactic as “Laughable.”

By morning’s end, some 22 protesters, including Sarsour, were arrested and hauled out of the hearing room.

For Ohio’s senior Senator, Sherrod Brown, the hearing was a moot point. Like so many of his Democrat colleagues, Brown had already made up his mind about Kavanaugh – no hearings required.

In a press release issued nearly two weeks ago, on Aug. 24, Brown announced he had made his decision to reject Kavanaugh.

On Tuesday, Brown’s only remarks about the hearings were on his Twitter account, where he joined in the character assassination against Kavanaugh.



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