Richard Cordray’s Claim He Returned $12 Billion to Consumers While at CFPB Doesn’t Add Up

Richard Cordray

The core message of Richard Cordray’s campaign for governor of Ohio is that he returned “$12 billion” to consumers while heading up President Obama’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The claim of returning a specific amount of money to consumers appeared in countless CFPB press releases that predate his run for governor.…

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Obama Campaign Visit to Ohio Highlights Cordray’s Failure to Keep Promise to Make Consumer-Watchdog Agency Non-Political  

When former President Obama, with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) by his side, nominated Richard Cordray to take over the newly formed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, he famously remarked: “We can’t let politics stand in the way of doing the right thing in Washington.” But has Richard Cordray lived up to…

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MeToo-Ohio Demands Resignation of Senator Sherrod Brown After Revealing Allegations of Abuse Against Ex-Wife

Sherrod Brown

With Election Day less than two months away on Nov. 6, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) finds himself caught in the net of the #MeToo movement. A new PAC called Me Too Ohio launched a TV ad Thursday accusing Brown of physical and emotional abuse against his ex-wife during a messy…

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Gillibrand: I Never Meant Abolish ICE When I Said ‘Abolish ICE’

by Molly Prince   Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York stated Wednesday that her calls to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were misconstrued, claiming that despite saying “we need to abolish ICE,” she believes America still needs an agency that will fulfill the goals that ICE was created…

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Special Report: Planned Parenthood’s Main Collector Sells Aborted Tissue At Over Double Real Price

by Grace Carr   A major tissue collection company is allegedly selling aborted baby body parts for double to triple their price, according to a Monday report. A Center For Medical Progress (CMP) special report reveals that Advance Bioscience Resources, Inc. (ABR) — a 501(c)3 non-profit — is allegedly selling aborted body parts…

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San Francisco Is Removing Statue That Shows Founding Of California Over Racism Concerns

by Neetu Chandak   The San Francisco Board of Appeals unanimously voted Wednesday to remove a statue that showed the founding of California over racism concerns. Some American Indian activists found the “Early Days” statue degrading and racist as it showed an American Indian at the feet of a Spanish…

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Judge Brett Kavanaugh Addresses His Encounter With Parkland Dad in Written Supplement To Testimony

Brett Kavanaugh

by Kevin Daley   Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh submitted written responses to over 1,000 follow-up questions from lawmakers on the Senate Judiciary Committee late Wednesday night. The judge’s responses run over 250 pages, though many referred back to answers given during his confirmation hearings and other public writings. As…

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This Economy Belongs to President Trump, Not Former President Obama

by Robert Romano   You got to give former President Barack Obama credit, at least he’s consistent. When he came into office, the economy was in a deep recession that began when financial markets crashed in 2008, and, he said, he was blameless for the 8 million job losses that occurred,…

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EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump, Jr. Campaigns for GOP Senate Candidate Rep. Jim Renacci in Columbus Area

Donald Trump, Jr. was the featured speaker at a campaign fundraiser for Republican Senate candidate Rep. Jim Renacci (R-OH-16) at a local Columbus area restaurant on Thursday and The Ohio Star’s cameras were there. “I was thrilled to welcome Donald Trump Jr. back to Ohio today,” Renacci said in a…

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