No Bigger Fish to Fry? Ohio Investigative Unit Focuses on Small Dollar Misuse of Food Stamps

Steve Gill

On Friday’s Gill Report – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 1510 WLAC weekdays at 7:30 am – Star News National Political Editor Steve Gill talked about the recent liquor license revocation at a small lounge called Sharky’s in Harrison Township Ohio.  He was perplexed about the Ohio Investigative Unit’s focus on a small two thousand dollar misuse of food stamps instead of perhaps bigger fish to fry.

Gill said:

Well some bad news for those who live in Harrison Township in Ohio, well maybe it’s not sad news for everybody just those who want to use their food stamps to go buy liquor, drugs, and well an occasional lap dance at a strip club. Sharky’s lounge is in Harrison Township in Ohio and they lost their liquor license yesterday. The Ohio liquor control commission revoked the adult entertainment clubs license, according to the Ohio Investigative Unit. Now they had begun investigating the club, known as Sharky’s back in May of 2017. So, it was a long investigation. It takes a lot to find out what these are up to sometimes.

Anyway, during the investigation agents say they were able to buy drugs and lap dances from strippers by using food stamps. Boy there go a lot of Supreme Court hopes and dreams for some of these young women down the road. They’ll never pass a confirmation hearing unless of course they’re being appointed by a Democrat President to the US Supreme Court and then hey, let the good times roll!

Now during the five-month long investigation agents exchanged more than two thousand dollars worth of food stamps to buy heroin, fentanyl, carfentanil, cocaine, methamphetamine, and of lap dances. I mean maybe I’m watching too many crime shows on TV but it seems to me like when their going after the bad guys their usually going after bigger deals than two thousand dollars’ worth of food stamps being used to buy heroin, fentanyl, carfantanil, cocaine, methamphetamine, and of course the naked lap dances.

Now criminal charges have been filed against the patrons and employees for the drug trafficking and food stamp trafficking, and shipment and distribution of all these illegal drugs and illegal sexual activity. And this is the second adult entertainment club that’s had it’s liquor permit revoked as a result of investigations by the Ohio Investigative Unit.

Yeah, there was Harem which is located also in the same area. The Harem’s liquor license was revoked in May of 2018. Much the same sort of thing, you know, drug dealing, lap dances. Don’t know if food stamps are being used in that particular case. Two thousand dollars? This is the best they’ve got? They’re going after the big dealers.

Again, I’m not saying they shouldn’t prosecute these people I mean they’re able to trade food stamps for a lap dance and some meth, and maybe a little cocaine. Yeah it’s kind of a misuse of the food stamps. Ok it’s not kind of, it’s a very bad misuse of the food stamps.

It just seems to me like there might be bigger fish to catch in the investigative unit’s net than those that are just kind of at the two thousand dollar level.

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