90 Percent of Northeast Ohio Residents Believe Kavanaugh Should be Appointed to SCOTUS, Poll Shows

Brett Kavanaugh

A new poll found that 65.14 percent of Northeast Ohio citizens believe Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and just over 90 percent want him confirmed.

The remainder believe accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, according to a poll announced Monday by Ohio TEA Party organization We the People Convention. The Ohio TEA Party organization Ohio citizens about the accusations leveled against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

More information on the poll is available here.

Meanwhile, Ford’s lawyer Deborah Katz made a $2,000 donation to U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) in March, The Ohio Star reported Monday. Brown has received criticism for court-documented spousal abuse in the 1980s.

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We the People Convention also asked Northeast Ohio citizens about the rule of law, the burden of proof and whether Kavanaugh should be confirmed or not. The poll was conducted on Sunday, and surveyed 386 citizens in the Ohio counties of Ashtabula, Lake, Geauga, Portage and Trumbull. The margin of error is plus or minus 3 percent.

The poll found that 96.63 percent of Northeast Ohio citizens believe that a person is innocent until proven guilty. It found that 81.97 percent believe that an accuser is required to provide some actual proof that the person accused of a crime or inappropriate act actually committed the crime or act to be taken seriously.

Also, 78.43 percent believe that charges being brought by women in the new #MeToo movement should be taken seriously and be heard, but that they must meet the same burden of proof and not just be believed without evidence.

A huge majority of 90.29 percent of Northeast Ohio citizens think that Kavanaugh should be confirmed without more evidence. Furthermore, 68.99 percent believe that, even if someone did something in high school like what Kavanaugh is accused of doing or some other single event in their life, they should not be judged by that alone for the rest of their life and denied a promotion, a job or other opportunity.

Tom Zawistowski, president of the We the People Convention said, “We were seeing polls carried by various new agencies suggesting that the American public overwhelmingly believed Dr. Ford’s accusations, that had been leaked by these same media outlets, and we were very skeptical. So, we did what we always do, we asked real citizens and found that, at least in NE Ohio, the support for Judge Kavanaugh was overwhelming based on the ‘evidence’ that is publicly known.

“Those are strong numbers,” he said. “We were also very pleased to see that, unlike the radical regressive socialist Democrat left, 96.63 percent of NE Ohio citizens, many of whom are real American Democrats, believe the core foundational principle that a person is innocent until proven guilty.

“The left is attempting to destroy our legal system by turning it into kangaroo courts where they can ruin a person’s life just because they don’t agree with that person’s political views,” Zawistowski said. “That’s mob rule not the rule of law. Our poll shows that this political stunt by the left is being thoroughly rejected by all sides of the American public who believe in the rule of law and our U.S. Constitution.”

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One Thought to “90 Percent of Northeast Ohio Residents Believe Kavanaugh Should be Appointed to SCOTUS, Poll Shows”

  1. It really doesn’t take a lot of work folks to figure out what Professor Ford’s problem with Judge Kavanaugh is. Just maybe, MAYBE Ford may have had a problem with her parents losing a foreclosure hearing on their property in 1996, in Maryland. JUST MAYBE Ford has a bone to pick with Judge Martha G. Kavanaugh, as in the MOTHER of Brett Kavanaugh, that ruled on the foreclosure of the Blasey’s property. So WHY haven’t we heard about this, I wonder?