Commentary: With Kavanaugh, the Democrats’ Second Verse Is the Same as the First – a Whole Lot Louder and a Whole Lot Worse

by Jeffery Rendall


If one is great two (or more) is even better.

You had to figure if there was at least one hardened and ambitious looney leftist willing to beclown herself in front of the whole country (by accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of a crime no one contemporaneously heard of nor recalls) there’d certainly be another liberal wackjob out there somewhere lying in wait to repeat the feat. Such was the case over the weekend as Kavanaugh now has two accusers claiming he was a sex-obsessed slimeball in his pre-marriage and family days.

Caitlin Yilek of the Washington Examiner reported, “At least four Democratic senators have reportedly been given information about a new allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh that dates back to when the judge was a freshman at Yale University.

“Deborah Ramirez alleges Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a college party, put his penis in her face, and forced her to touch it without her consent as she pushed him away, according to a report Sunday evening published by the New Yorker.

“The report said Ramirez was initially hesitant to share the story with the publication because she had been drinking at the time of the alleged incident.”

Like with Blasey Ford’s alcohol-fogged remembrance, Kavanaugh denies this latest incident with Ramirez ever took place. Potential witnesses disagree over the latest charge too, searching their brains while furiously battling the ravages of time and circumstance to arrive at a consensus that could decide the fate of the next Supreme Court justice. Who can blame them? It was a heck of a long time ago in a political and cultural galaxy far, far away where young adults went to social gatherings, apparently drank a lot of booze and did crazy things.

What, you mean that still goes on? But boys were boys and girls were girls back then…and truthfully, no one remembers names and likenesses all these years later. I’m not saying this type of act (a penis in a girl’s face?) is something that happened more frequently in those days, but isn’t there wide room for interpretation even if such a thing did occur?

Most people remember teenage get-togethers where there was drinking. Beyond that fact it’s a huge blurry spot on a glass screen no amount of polishing serves to elucidate. Was such and such there? Didn’t you have a crush on x at the time? No…that was junior year, remember?

Besides, perceptions vary from person to person. Psychological studies have shown when two people witness an event they often vary widely in their recounting of the timeline and what actually transpired. Was it a knife or a crowbar? Was it six shots or only five? Was the guy wearing a red sweatshirt or a blue t-shirt? Were there half a dozen people in the vicinity or only two? What angle were you looking at the offense?

Do you recall anyone else present who’s similar in appearance to the accused? What pattern was the wallpaper? Could you have been mistaken? Is it even remotely possible it was someone else who’s in your memory? If not, then why not? Is the defendant’s alibi full-proof?

There’re a million variables involved with each episode – and that’s usually the case even when questioning witnesses concurrent with the so-called misdeed. Add decades of life’s experience on top of it and things get mighty jumbled. Why wasn’t anything done about it at the time? Are there any records? A mention in a diary or a letter? Why did the victim wait until Kavanaugh became a very prominent and important public figure to come forward with the story? And why did Democrats wait until a few days before the committee vote to introduce this stuff?

Cross-examination by a skilled attorney always exposes weaknesses in a prosecutor’s case. If you don’t believe it think back to the infamous O.J. Simpson criminal trial where the celebrity hall of fame running back perpetrator hired a crack team of legal assassins to blow apart and exploit the microscopic flaws in the state’s case. Remember Johnny Cochran saying, “If the glove doesn’t fit you must acquit!

By the time those hired goons in suits were done the ethics-free barristers had half the country believing L.A. Police Detective Mark Fuhrman and the entire L.A.P.D. was racist (allegedly because Fuhrman uttered the “n-word” while describing real life incidents to a screenwriter who encouraged him to embellish).

Seeing as this “new” alleged incident took place in Kavanaugh’s freshman year (at Yale), by implication the left claims the would-be Supreme Court justice wasn’t quite over his wild Georgetown Prep high school partying days, so he must’ve felt empowered and compelled to continue the wanton sex orgy up in Connecticut.

Not to make light of this latest tawdry allegation – which is even dumber and less provable than Blasey Ford’s – but aren’t Ivy League freshman implicitly required to be lewd and licentious so as to fit in with the rest of society’s spoiled elite kids, the majority of which are extremely status conscious and success-driven to the point where they compete to see who would be the worst lout among them?

At those havens of privilege, who the heck remembers being flashed 35 years ago? You mean it was only once?

In effect the left is not only now trying to paint Kavanaugh as a not-so-reformed rapist, they’re also depicting him as an uber-advantaged elitist snob who isn’t capable of feeling compassion for “little guys” before the Supreme Court bench. It’s yet another move to delegitimize an American institution via a politically correct witch hunt. Anyone else tired of it by now?

It’s all a bunch of hooey too. You may recall a couple months ago when Kavanaugh was first introduced as Trump’s pick to succeed Kennedy on the Court that the liberal establishment mainstream news media dug deep into his personal history and discovered practically nothing other than the judge enjoys a beer from time to time and acts, well, rather normal.

The snoopers found Kavanaugh’s biggest fault was his obsession with spending gobs of money on baseball tickets, particularly involving his hometown Washington Nationals. When the prospect of blowing too much cash on a baseball addiction wasn’t enough to satisfy the left’s cravings for sleaze, Democrats and leftists sought something more sordid to crow about – you know, the kinds of things that cause people’s heads to turn and say “he did what?

Blasey Ford’s flawed memory of a boy’s hand over her mouth followed by groping her chest didn’t quite seal the deal for Kavanaugh’s haters, so they’ve now hauled out (pardon the pun) the ‘ol “penis in the face” trick. What’s next, claiming Kavanaugh slept with porn stars and then paid them to keep quiet? Oh yeah, that one’s already been taken…

Once again it’s obvious the left’s simply conducting the same type of smear campaign they’ve waged against all serious threats to their domination of the cultural narrative. Clarence Thomas was on the receiving end in 1991 because he’s a conservative black man who rejected the victimhood status Democrats push all minorities to embrace. Alabama U.S. senate candidate Judge Roy Moore was similarly slimed last year because he openly disdained the Washington establishment and couldn’t be trusted to play nicely with swamp creatures – including the leaders of his own party.

Yes, Moore had his personal bugaboos, but the left’s intent was the same as with Kavanaugh.

If this seems to you like a grand anti-conservative conspiracy, you’re not alone. Katelyn Caralle reported at the Washington Examiner, “Counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway [appearing on ‘CBS This Morning’ on Monday] said the sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh are beginning to feel like a left-wing plan to scuttle the nomination…

“Conway said she feels a lot of the #MeToo movement has ended up falling onto Kavanaugh, despite the fact that none of the allegations against him have stemmed from a time when he was in power, but instead when he was a teenager.

“’This may be the first time we ever heard of allegations against someone as a teenager that did not prey upon women thus as he became powerful,’ Conway said.”

One can only hope Conway didn’t speak too soon. As the left’s desperation grows who knows what they’ll dredge up to delay Kavanaugh’s committee vote even further. If Senator Kamala Harris’s objection before chairman Chuck Grassley even finished his first sentence and Sen. Corey Booker’s stupid “Spartacus” moment didn’t derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation timeline, Democrats are running out of methods and spokespeople to stop him on the record.

At this point Republicans are the only ones who can truly defeat Kavanaugh. And because of their deficiency in numbers in the upper chamber, it’ll only take one weak-kneed vindictive RINO loser to weaken the Supreme Court and perhaps ruin Kavanaugh’s life at the same time. Much has been written about the potential GOP culprits — Collins (ME), Murkowski (AK), Flake (AZ) and Sasse (NE) – and their “difficult decisions” regarding Kavanaugh’s fate.

But it isn’t complicated and it’s not that hard for them to vote “yes” in this situation. A difficult choice is something like agreeing to close a military base in a lawmaker’s state or district because there’ll be hundreds or thousands of good constituents thrown out of work – but you do it anyway because you care about the reducing the federal budget.

A hard decision is removing a loved one from life support even though your faith suggests a soul belongs to God and miracles happen (and they’re not suffering). Tough choices are selecting the men to carry out an exceedingly dangerous military mission that carries with it a high probability of death or capture.

For a Republican senator to consider an exhaustively vetted, well-qualified Supreme Court nominee, the “decision” is easy. Senators weren’t meant to steer the Court in an ideological direction one way or the other; their constitutional duty of advice and consent ends at making sure whomever the president sends them isn’t a brainless political hack who will do his bidding or favor some discernible special interest constituency for their own advancement.

All of the current fence-sitting Republicans said “yes” to Neil Gorsuch last year and not one of them has been “blamed” for any of Gorsuch’s opinions thus far. And even if Gorsuch and Kavanaugh supplied the key votes to completely reverse Roe v. Wade (which is highly unlikely), do you think Americans would go back to this “moment” in political history and shout “SEE, THAT IDIOT VOTED FOR KAVANAUGH – HE/SHE NEEDS TO PAY!!!!”

We must be careful in assigning too much importance to any ONE decision senators or representatives make – unless it’s clearly an act of betrayal. Voting to confirm an originalist justice isn’t even close to being a treasonous circumstance. The rest is pure political theater acted out by a few showboating senators who just want to keep their names in the news and bring outsized importance to themselves. Again, if there were 55 Republican senators today instead of 51 would we even be having this conversation?

No. The Senate Judiciary Committee would complete its duty and the country would go back to talking about “blue waves” and other nonsense that can’t be predicted.

There’re even signs the GOP is catching up to Democrats in the all-important voter enthusiasm category. Paul Bedard wrote at The Washington Examiner, “Republicans appear to be rallying to embattled President Trump and his call for a ‘red wave’ of voters at the polls this fall, according to a new national survey that finds GOP ‘enthusiasm’ for the midterm elections surging.

“While the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found a significant, potentially overwhelming, 12-point lead for Democrats in the congressional preference, both outlets noted that Republican voters are stirring. Trump has been campaigning for GOP candidates and plans to step up his appearances in the fall…

“The Journal said, ‘The poll, while outlining challenges for the GOP, included some good news for Republicans. The party is closing an enthusiasm gap, with 61 percent of Republican voters now expressing high interest in the election, nearly matching the 65 percent of Democrats. In polls taken over the first eight months of the year, Democrats had held an aggregate 12-point advantage in the share of supporters showing high interest in the election.’”

Republicans and conservatives are showing interest in the election now because there’s a clear case of Democrat mischief right before their eyes. Kavanaugh’s accusers have been a Godsend in one sense – they’ve highlighted the difference in the parties and what they each supposedly believe in.

Should Republican senators fail to pass Kavanaugh through the system and confirm him there will be consequences for the GOP as a whole. Voters want leaders who stand up for what’s right, not elected cowards who shiver at rumors and scurrilous gossip. Will the truth prevail here?











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One Thought to “Commentary: With Kavanaugh, the Democrats’ Second Verse Is the Same as the First – a Whole Lot Louder and a Whole Lot Worse”

  1. This was the most disgraceful, shameless attack on Judge Kavanaugh and his family I have EVER seen in my 63 years. It is one thing folks to disagree with policy, but it is another thing entirely, when people are payed to come in and disrupt proceedings, and then a victim is supposedly found that says she has four witnesses, yet those witnesses ALL say they were never a witness to anything of that kind. What really surprises me though, is not one republican brought up the issue that Ford’s parents lost a property to foreclosure in 1996, and the judge that ruled on the case was non other than Brett Kavanaugh’s mother. Logic tells me that that situation, and the fact that Ford worked for the company that produces the “Morning After” abortion pill I guarantee you is what this is ALL about.