David Letterman, Subject of Multiple Accusations of Sexual Abuse of Women, Holds Fundraiser for Aftab Pureval

Democrat congressional candidate Aftab Pureval was fundraising Wednesday night in Ohio with comedian David Letterman, according to a tweet by WVXU political reporter Howard Wilkinson.

This should raise eyebrows in the height of the #MeToo movement, given that Letterman has quite a history of female accusations of sexual misconduct.

Pureval, meanwhile, is facing a growing controversy on another front, related to his alleged skirting of campaign finance laws.  His campaign, according to a complaint filed with the Ohio Elections Commission, used local funds designated for his clerk-of-courts race in Hamilton County to fund an initial exploration of his run for Congress against Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH-1). At the center of the controversy are two donations totaling about $30,000 from Pureval’s mother.

Ahead of this Letterman fundraising event, the Republican National Committee sent out a list of problems for the Pureval-Letterman team to solve as they huddled Wednesday over what will no doubt be a lavish meal and cocktails.

Remember, this is the hip, cool, millennial who plays staged softball games while wearing jeans, pitches his campaign especially at women, and flashes that big smile on cue.

So, without further adieu, we present:

Top 10 Problems a Retired, Late-Night Comedian Can’t Fix For Aftab

10. The only thing funny about this campaign is Aftab’s softball skills.

9. Retired comedian isn’t code for campaign finance attorney, is it?

8. If Letterman is free, I’ve heard Aftab may be in the market for a new campaign manager.

7. Do you think the duo will be wearing jeans to fundraise?

6. I wonder what Letterman’s position on blacking out public records is…

5. If Letterman hangs out with Aftab long enough, will he have a phony sparkle smiletoo?

4. Since Aftab is relying on women’s support, he must be hoping he can redact Letterman’s questionable past​​.

3. Hopefully, Aftab gave Letterman the right address – we know he’s not as familiar with the District as a Representative should be.

2. Since Aftab loves to fire employees,you’d think he’d favor The Apprentice over The Late Show. Too bad President Trump supports his opponent.

1.Did Aftab’s mom chip in for Letterman’s plane tickets?

“Aftab Pureval is trying to save his campaign by bringing in David Letterman to campaign with him, but no amount of celebrity money can distract voters from the many troubles facing Pureval,” said Mandi Merritt, spokeswoman for the RNC. “Voters don’t need a top ten list to know their #1 choice for November, and that’s Steve Chabot.”

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Anthony Accardi is a writer and reporter for The Ohio Star.





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  1. Kate Madden

    He’s not a subject of multiple accusations of sexual abuse on women. Actually, he is the subject of NO accusations by NONE.