New Ad Asks Question About Richard Cordray: Has He Ever Really ‘Cared’ About Women?

“Dear Richard Cordray,” the ad begins. “We care…”

By the time the ad concludes listeners hear that Cordray, the Democrat candidate for Ohio governor, not only doesn’t care about women. He doesn’t respect them.

The new ad comes compliments of the Republican Governors Association, hitting Cordray right at the core of his targeted voting bloc – women.

Watch the ad below:

Cordray, the former Washington regulator who headed up the consumer-protection agency created by Massachusetts liberal Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), has been trying to brand himself as the women’s candidate for Ohio governor.

But when he left office as attorney general, his successor found 12,000 untested rape kits lying in dusty bins at Ohio police stations. Mike DeWine, the new attorney general, had to clean up the mess. It just so happens that Cordray’s opponent in the 2018 gubernatorial race is DeWine.

Strange how things come full circle.

Based on his record, Cordray can’t claim he’s ever gone out of his way to help women, the ad concludes. If that’s the case, then his courting of the female vote may just be all about vote pandering and the Democrat talking points handed to him by party bosses.

The RGA ad, titled “Richard Cordray: Wrong for Women. Wrong for Ohio,” features five women delivering a message to the candidate. The theme? Does he really care?

“Throughout his career, Richard Cordray has failed to stand up for women,” said RGA Communications Director Jon Thompson. “As Ohio’s attorney general, Cordray let 12,000 rape kits go untested, and then as head of the CFPB, he allowed widespread discrimination towards women to fester. Richard Cordray is not fit to lead Ohio as governor.”

In fact, an Inspector General probe found more than one-fourth of women and minorities at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau felt mistreated. That report found what it called a “toxic” and “retaliatory” workplace at CFPB.

Things got so bad at CFPB that Congress held multiple hearings on its unfair treatment of women and minorities between 2013 and 2015.

Many of the employees interviewed said their health suffered from the high-tension atmosphere at CFPB. Even after the problems were documented, employees said Cordray did nothing to fix them.

Ad script:

Dear Richard Cordray.

Here’s our message to you.

We care.

We care that you didn’t test 12,000 rape kits.

That you failed to fight for those victims.

We care that you let serial rapists stay on the streets.

That you let harassment and discrimination against women fester at your agency.

That tells me you didn’t care.

You didn’t respect those women.

And you don’t respect me.

– – –

Anthony Accardi is a writer and reporter for The Ohio Star.






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  1. Jeff Lewis

    Who are the woman in the ad? Are they even from Ohio?