Richard Cordray Scooping Up Mega-Bucks from Liberal Hollywood Elites Like Barbra Streisand

Richard Cordray, the Democrat candidate for Governor of Ohio, raised 26 percent more campaign cash than his Republican opponent last month, but one-third of his haul came from outside of Ohio.

Richard Cordray’s campaign  told the Columbus Dispatch that the new figures — heavy on out-of-state donatations– constitute “evidence of broad grassroots support.”

Cordray has to date received $109,301 from 20 donors in the television and movie industry, according to

The Dispatch reported that Barbra Streisand, one of the most famous members of the left-wing Hollywood liberal elite, donated $1,ooo to Cordray:

DeWine reported 28 contributions at or just below the maximum $12,708, all but one from individuals. Cordray reported 22 large contributions, including a maximum gift from the National Democratic Redistricting Committee led by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Singer and actress Barbra Streisand gave $1,000 to Cordray.”

Cordray raised a total of $2.6 million in September, compared to DeWine’s $2 million. The Democrat’s amount included $335,000 in in-kind spending from the Ohio Democratic Party. DeWine received no party money during the month, according to the Dispatch.

Cordray, who preceded DeWine as Ohio attorney and then served as head of the controversial Consumer Financial Protection Bureau  in the Obama administration, received 15,998 donations averaging about $140 each, according to monthly campaign reports cited by the Dispatch. DeWine listed 1,765 donations averaging nearly $1,100 each.

One-third of Cordray’s campaign cash, around $734,000, came from out-of-state donors. Only 9 percent, or $187,000, of DeWine’s haul came from non-Ohioans.

Besides his support from liberal Hollywood, Cordray is also benefiting from his friendship with Eric Holder, the scandal-ridden and corrupt former Obama-era attorney general.

The same funding trend is in effect for liberal Democrat Kathleen Clyde. She is running for Secretary of State against Republican Frank LaRose.

Clyde has seven times as many donors as LaRose.

The Dispatch reports: “Clyde, a state representative from Kent, raised $323,746 in September from more than 2,100 donors — more than half of them from out-of-state, including $750 from Streisand.”

While secretary of state may seem like a minor office to some, the Democrats know it is key to getting districts redrawn and allowing the voter rolls to swell with illegitimate voters such as dead people and non-citizens. The secretary of state can also make the difference in a close race where questionable ballots come under scrutiny.

LaRose, a state senator from Hudson, collected $271,753 in September from 303 donors, almost all of them from inside Ohio.

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Anthony Accardi is a writer and reporter for The Ohio Star.







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