More Hollywood Liberals Line Up Behind Sherrod Brown, Aftab Pureval and Ohio Democrats

Sherrod Brown, Richard Cordray and the rest of the Democratic slate of Ohio candidates continues to milk liberal Hollywood for all the support they can get.

Earlier this week The Ohio Star reported how Cordray was infusing his campaign with Hollywood cash, outraising his opponent Mike DeWine in the process. Among his many donors from the film and entertainment industry is singer Barbra Streisand. In contrast, all but a tiny fraction of DeWine’s donations have come from Ohioans.

As Election Day nears, just four weeks on Nov. 6,  Brown has added another Hollywood star into his fold – Chelsea Handler.

Handler, describes herself as a comedian, TV personality and psychic.

She is known for her vulgar and incendiary tweets, having waded into several Ohio races this campaign cycle. She recently tweeting what amount to free campaign ads for Ohio Democrats Aftab PurevalDanny O’Connor, Betsy Rader and Janet Garrett.

While many of these candidates are trying to paint themselves as independent-minded “moderates” to get elected in districts traditionally carried by Republicans, endorsements from Hollywood elitists like Handler would suggest they are anything but, notes Mandi Merritt of the Republican National Committee.

So, let’s roll the tweets – starting with Handler blaming a mass church shooting on Republicans:

She considers “every Republican” guilty of human rights violations.

Then came the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, and Chandler just kept tweeting.

They just keep coming:

She had this message for President Trump:

The tweets continue on pretty much endlessly.

Handler even posted a video directing fans to a website where she gives advice on who to vote for nationwide. [Check out the snarky response under the video from one African-American Trump supporter].

While Handler disparages Republicans across the country, including the over 2.8 million Ohioans who voted for President Trump in 2016, Merritt asks: Does her endorsement of Ohio’s Brown, Pureval, Rader, Garrett and O’Connor mean these candidates agree with her hateful and divisive language?

As Democrats continue to embrace extremists like Chelsea Handler, they are embracing a Democratic Party that is increasingly alienating Ohioans in its race-to-the-left,” Merritt said. “Ohio’s Democratic candidates may claim they would be a ‘moderate voice’ in order to get elected, but there’s no question that once in Washington, they would be just another rubber stamp for the Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer agenda that is dominating the Democratic Party today. And that’s anything but moderate.”

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Anthony Accardi is a writer and reporter for The Ohio Star.

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  1. And it continues on folks. None other than Michael Avenatti is scheduled to be a speaker at a Democrat Event at Stark State University Thursday, Oct. 11th. Come and join us at 4:30 PM with signs and what have you to appose this SMUT lawyer, and his Ungodly Democrat supporters.