Richard Cordray Took A Nearly Week Long Junket to Australia As CFPB Director

As the first Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Richard Cordray did a lot of traveling.  In fact, as we have reported previously, Cordray commuted every week from Columbus to the CFPB DC office, most likely on the taxpayer’s dime.

But we didn’t know until now that Cordray’s duties apparently also included a week long junket to Sydney, Australia in 2015.

Based upon official records, obtained from an Freedom of Information Request from the CFPB and Cordray’s official calendar, we can inform you that Cordray spent nearly a week in Australia in March of 2015.  That trip cost taxpayers just under $3,000.  We have not yet obtained records for any other staff members that likely accompanied him on the trip nor how much their stays cost.

Officially, Cordray was there to give the keynote address for the Ruby Hutchinson Memorial Lecture.  This annual event is put on by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.  Richard Cordray appears from their website to have been the only non-Australian to give this address in the group’s history.

Cordray also filled his calendar with numerous meetings, lunches, and a staff dinner while visiting the country down under.  In fact, he even set aside time to visit the Taronga Zoo in Sydney.

While visiting Sydney, Australia, Cordray stayed in the historic, heritage listed 4.5 star Grace Hotel.  This is how their website describes the hotel:

Built by the Grace Brothers in the 1920s as a showpiece of their successful retail business, The Grace Hotel has been beautifully restored to its former glory, making it one of Sydney’s most prominent historical landmarks, a fine example of Neo-Gothic architecture with contrasting Art Deco interior.

Located in the heart of Sydney, this heritage-listed 382 room hotel offers a warm and personal service with the luxury of a 4 1/2 star hotel exuding a unique blend of old world charm with modern comfort to meet the needs of guests today.

The CFPB under the leadership of Richard Cordray became infamous for their extravagant spending.  We just didn’t know, until now, that this extravagant spending including foreign junkets.

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Scott Pullins is an attorney, charter school board member, and a regular contributor for The Ohio Star.








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