Kathleen Clyde Tells Ohio Voters She’ll Be ‘Nonpartisan’ While Admitting to Out-of-State Leftists She Will Be Anything But

Kathleen Clyde, a Democrat whose campaign for Ohio secretary of state has been largely bankrolled by out-of-state liberals like Barbra Streisand, has promised that, if elected, she will be “nonpartisan.”

There’s only one problem with that. Clyde’s campaign has received no funding from conservatives and is heavily financed by the most far-left individuals and interest groups.

Clyde has even admitted to a left-wing publication that her biggest motivation to become secretary of state is so she can play a role in the 2020 redistricting of Ohio voting districts, which she considers too Republican.

If the districts could be redrawn according to her political wishes, she said more Democrats would get elected and reverse the GOP policies enacted over the last decade.

Does that sound nonpartisan?

She especially wants to see Ohio’s regulations on abortion eliminated.

Clyde also believes Ohio’s policy of purging voter rolls of long inactive voters needs to stop. States with any hope of maintaining the integrity of their elections must periodically purge people who have not voted in years. The inactive voters are sent a notice asking if they are still at the same address and still wish to remain a registered voter. If they respond, they are kept on the rolls.

This is too troublesome in Clyde’s view and she calls it “voter suppression.”

In fact, Clyde went so far as to say in a tweet that Ohio’s election was “rigged” in favor of Republicans in 2016 – the implication being that the state’s 8-point margin of victory for President Donald Trump was not legitimate.

Does this sound like a woman who would be “nonpartisan.”

Her real motives for wanting to become Ohio’s next secretary of state are all laid out in the Rewire News article published Sept. 17 under the title “Ohio’s Next Secretary of State Could Clean Up GOP’s ‘Rigged’ Election Map.”

In the article Clyde accuses the current secretary of state, Republican Jon Husted, of using his office to “restrict” the vote of Democrats and explains why the real motivation behind her campaign is to erase the common-sense regulations Ohio has placed on the abortion industry.

Clyde quotes the American Civil Liberties Union, a group made up entirely of Democrat and socialist lawyers, as backup for her opinion that Ohio’s elections are “rigged” in favor of Republicans.

The gains pro-life Republicans have seen in Ohio the last several years – including the vote for Trump over Hillary Clinton and the laws regulating abortion – were all accomplished because of the redistricting that happened in 2010, Clyde says.

Clyde is running against Republican Frank LaRosa in the Nov. 6 election.

Clyde has seven times as many donors as LaRose.

The Dispatch reports: “Clyde, a state representative from Kent, raised $323,746 in September from more than 2,100 donors — more than half of them from out-of-state, including $750 from [Barbra] Streisand.”

LaRose, a state senator from Hudson, collected $271,753 in September from 303 donors, almost all of them from inside Ohio.

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Anthony Accardi is a writer and reporter for The Ohio Star.







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