Democrat Betsy Rader’s False Planned Parenthood Talking Points Go Unchallenged in Cleveland Media

Batsy Rader

Betsy Rader, the Democrat candidate for Ohio’s 14th congressional seat held by Rep. Dave Joyce (R-14), is a big proponent of federally funded abortion on demand. That’s no secret.

But in an interview with Thursday, she furthered a favorite leftist misdirection about Planned Parenthood, one of the patron saints of modern-day Democrat politics.

Rader said she opposes stripping Planned Parenthood of federal taxpayer funds, because the group provides “low-cost health care” to poor women.

Rader added that “a very small proportion of what Planned Parenthood provides are abortion services.”

That’s an ages-old Democrat talking point that in recent years has been thoroughly debunked.

Rader is no doubt relying on Planned Parenthood’s own false statements that only 3 percent of its total business consists of abortion services.

The fact of the matter is, Planned Parenthood is by far the largest provider of abortions in the United States.

As National Review concluded after analyzing Planned Parenthood’s most recent annual report for the 2016-17 fiscal year, “the numbers confirm what rational observers have long known: Planned Parenthood exists to provide abortions, and not much else.”

This “3 percent” statistic has been rated false by left-leaning outlets, including Slate and the Washington Post yet it still gets reported unchallenged by most mainstream outlets, including

The claim, as National Review points out, rests on a deceptive tactic: calculating abortion procedures as a fraction of its “services” — defined by the group as “discrete clinical interactions” — rather than as a fraction of its clients.

NR gives the following example of how this chicanery works:

Take an example. A woman walks into a Planned Parenthood clinic. She takes a pregnancy test, meets with a counselor, and chooses to have an abortion procedure. While she’s there, she also receives an STI test and a breast exam and is handed birth control on her way out the door. Planned Parenthood would count each of these “discrete interactions” — six in total — as a service, so abortion would be only 16 percent of that woman’s visit.”

In short, Planned Parenthood is in business to terminate pregnancies. That’s how it makes its money. It provides one-third of all the abortions performed in America annually. No other single provider even comes close to Planned Parenthood’s more than 325,000 abortions each year.

NR explains:

As the most expensive procedure provided, abortion underwrites a huge portion of the group’s bottom line. Surely this is why the national organization routinely imposes abortion quotas on its regional affiliates and rewards clinics that exceed their abortion targets.”

That leads us to the other misleading comment made by Betsy Rader. She implied that if it were not for Planned Parenthood, millions of poor women would not be able to obtain healthcare – another tired talking point that did not originate with Rader.

Planned Parenthood’s annual report shows that it saw 2.4 million clients in the last fiscal year. But, as has been shown by the group’s own figures, it doesn’t provide those clients with very many actual health-care services. According to the report, the only significant services offered, besides abortion, are STI and HIV tests, contraception, and pregnancy tests.

Last year, it provided only 235,000 well-woman exams and 32,000 “family practice services,” despite executives’ repeated claims that the group is an average health-care provider offering a vast selection of regular health-care services.

Joyce tells the truth

Rader’s opponent, Congressman Joyce, told he opposes abortion except in cases of rape, incest and to save a mother’s life. He rejects the notion that tax dollars should be used to fund abortions and says he does not believe Planned Parenthood has submitted a full enough accounting to demonstrate it separates the federal dollars it gets from the money it uses to provide abortions.

Joyce is correct. That’s because there is no separation.

President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, tried last year to get Planned Parenthood to split into two groups, with only the part that provides non-abortion services receiving federal funding. Cecile Richards, then-CEO of Planned Parenthood, rejected Trump’s advice, calling it naïve and saying that Trump failed to understand how central abortion is to Planned Parenthood’s mission.

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Anthony Accardi is a writer and reporter for The Ohio Star.







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