Democrat Kathleen Clyde Promises to ‘Impact’ Ohio’s Elections and Redistricting Process

With so much attention on Ohio’s race for governor, and about half a dozen seats for the U.S. Senate and House up for grabs, there is one office that might easily be overlooked by voters. As The Ohio Star has previously reported, both candidates for this crucial office are 39-year-old…

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Beto O’Rourke Spends Millions on Consultants After Touting Consultant-Free Campaign

by Molly Prince   Democratic Rep. Beto O’Rourke spent millions of dollars on a consulting firm during the final stretch of the campaign despite repeatedly declaring that his campaign would not use any consultants. O’Rourke, who is running for Senate in Texas against incumbent Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, has been…

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These Are the Biggest Democrat Campaign Ad Fails of the Midterms

by Evie Fordham   Candidates have spent major money on advertisements to tell voters why they are the right choice — in fact, the Center for Responsive Politics predicted Monday that Democrats and Republicans will spend more than $5.2 billion this election cycle, making it the most expensive ever. However, these…

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Brett Kavanaugh Won’t Collect $600,000 GoFundMe Award Raised to Support Him

Brett Kavanaugh

by Kevin Daley   Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh will not accept a $600,000 award from a GoFundMe page established to support him as he faced allegations of sexual misconduct from several women. Conservative blogger Josh Hawkins, who launched the GoFundMe effort on Sept. 24, received a statement from former…

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Democrat at Risk of Losing Seat Now Open to Trump’s Birthright Citizenship Change

by Jason Hopkins   Indiana Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly said birthright citizenship should be handled by Congress, a move that appears to be a shift to the right as he fights sinking poll numbers amid the waning days of the midterms. “I’m the only person on this stage who voted three…

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Google Employees Worldwide Stage #GoogleWalkout to Protest Company’s Handling of Sexual Misconduct

by Evie Fordham   Google employees worldwide are staging walkouts Thursday to protest the company’s handling of sexual misconduct sparked by an Oct. 25 report by The New York Times about alleged misconduct by former Google executive Andy Rubin. Google employees in the northeast United States, India, the United Kingdom…

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Commentary: Trump is Right, Ending Birthright Citizenship is Constitutional

by Hans von Spakovsky   President Donald Trump’s announcement Tuesday that he is preparing an executive order to end birthright citizenship has the left and even some conservatives in an uproar. But the president is correct when he says that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution does not require universal…

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Dr. Mark Green Commentary: ‘Cost Shifting’ Is a Major Contributor to the Healthcare Crisis Today

Mark Green FRC endorsement

by State Senator Dr. Mark Green (R-Clarksville)   The healthcare crisis in America is rightly one of the top issues on voters’ minds this election cycle. Unfortunately, missing from all the political rhetoric from most candidates is what is actually causing it. This is my second article in a three-part…

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Aftab Pureval Gets Wrist Slap from Ohio Elections Commission Following Six-Hour Hearing

Aftab Pureval

After a six-hour hearing Thursday on the campaign spending of Democrat congressional candidate Aftab Pureval, the Ohio Elections Commission dismissed all but the most minor infraction, and slapped him with a $100 fine. The most serious allegation, that he used $16,400 donated to his local clerk-of-courts campaign to buy polling…

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