EXCLUSIVE Eric Trump Commentary: It’s Time for Another GOP Win in Ohio

by Eric Trump


In 2016, my father outperformed the polls in Ohio by a full six points. If the polls are underestimating Republican candidates again in this year’s midterms, Ohio just might deliver another big win for the GOP in 2018.

Everyone in Ohio who agrees that the America First agenda is working should keep that in mind on Tuesday, because the same pollsters who underestimated Donald Trump two years ago are now doing the same thing to Republican candidates in this year’s midterm elections.

After my visit on Friday, I believe big things are in the making and a fourth quarter comeback can happen if we all pull together and vote on Tuesday.

Discouraging polls didn’t stop millions of voters from turning out to vote for my father then, and they mustn’t keep voters away from the polls now, because Ohioans know that predictions of blue waves and Democrat victories don’t matter — check marks on ballots do.

Those check marks have certainly paid off for Ohio.

Thanks to President Trump’s leadership, the economy is growing faster than at any point since the Great Recession, and unemployment is at historic lows.

Our country’s future is looking bright again and the economy is back on the right path, but we can only keep that momentum going if you turn out to vote for Republican candidates who will support my father’s agenda in Congress.

Republican Senate candidate Jim Renacci has been a workhorse in the House, helping to craft the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that is saving the average Ohio family more than $2,000 per year, co-sponsoring Kate’s Law to crack down on criminal illegal aliens, and playing a leading role in efforts to penalize so-called “sanctuary cities.”

Much like they did in 2016, polls in Ohio have Renacci trailing his Democrat opponent heading into the final days before the election — but by a narrow and shrinking margin. Renacci is within striking distance, but he needs you to turn out.

While you’re at it, there’s a host of high-quality Republican candidates across Ohio running for the House, all of whom could also use your vote.

Representative Bob Gibbs, for instance, has an exceptional record of supporting President Trump’s pro-growth, pro-business agenda, but he needs a strong showing of support for him at the polls to get past the finish line in first place.

While a progressive polling firm considers Congressman Gibbs potentially vulnerable, even though his district gave my father a 30 point margin of victory in 2016, he’s fighting hard for every vote and needs his supporters to show up at the polls on Tuesday.

I campaigned with Bob in his district and can tell you he’s a man of great commitment and dedication to the great people of Ohio.

Today, my father will be back in your state once again asking you to give him a hand.

Without you, making America great again is impossible.

My father’s entire agenda is at risk on Tuesday. The future of our country is in your hands. Please help my father continue to make America great again. Get out and there and vote!

– – –

Eric Trump (@EricTrump) is Executive Vice President of The Trump Organization and the second-oldest son of President Trump.









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  1. John

    Thank you, Eric Trump, for all your hard work!! MAGA!