Newt Gingrich Predicts Pelosi Presiding Over Crazies Will Help Trump Win in 2020

by Nick Givas


Former Republican House Speaker Newt Gingrich said if House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is chosen as speaker for the next two years, it could ultimately benefit President Donald Trump.

“I think if the president can set up two years of Nancy Pelosi presiding over crazies, that’ll help him,” Gingrich said on “Fox & Friends” Thursday.

“But I think his bigger interest is what does he want to get done for the country? What does the country want Washington to get done?”

Gingrich then flashed back to when he was serving as speaker of the house under former President Bill Clinton and said Clinton benefited from the divided government and used it to get re-elected in 1996.

“I will give Bill Clinton credit. He brilliantly would come back on Medicare, Medicaid, environment and education. No matter what you asked him, he’d come back and say, ‘I’m really working hard on all these things and I don’t have time for all that stuff,’ and gradually built a contrast that got him reelected in 1996,” he said.

Watch the segment:

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