Michigan Legislators Want to Prevent Fast Food Chains from Handing Out ‘Boy Toys’ or ‘Girl Toys’

Michigan’s lawmakers have weighty business on their minds as they are attacking fast food restaurants for distinguishing between boys and girls when it comes to offering toys.

Acting like the issue is a public health crisis, legislators on Wednesday in the Michigan House of Representatives introduced a resolution opposing “girl toys” and “boy toys” at fast food eateries, PJ Media reported. Sponsored by 14 Democrats and one Republican, the resolution would not make sex-segregated toys illegal, but it would put pressure on fast food companies to stop the millenia-old, biological designations.

State Rep. Leslie Love (D-MI-10) of Detroit is the primary sponsor.

“Food establishments often offer a toy with their meals marked to young children, and in some cases the customer is asked if they prefer a ‘girl toy’ or a ‘boy toy,’” House Resolution 0429 says.

“Often, the designated ‘boy toys’ are action figures or building toys; typically, in primary colors, whereas ‘girl toys’ are often stuffed animals and are usually in a pastel color scheme.”

“This is a significant issue as billions of these meals are sold every year and this practice can influence and limit children’s imaginations and interests by promoting some toys as only suitable for girls and others only for boys,” the resolution adds.

“While some food establishments claim to have abandoned this practice, many stores in Michigan continue to offer gender-classified options to customers.”

True Red American reported some reactions on Twitter.

“This is what they’re spending time and money on? Flint still doesn’t have safe water,” one wrote.

“Seems like there are more important things for them to do, maybe address our crumbling roads, the poisoned wells up north, flint water, poor public schools….just a thought,” another agreed.

Such proposals, however, are nothing new. Target, for instance, removed the blue and pink colors from their toy aisles after a Change.org petition opposed them.


Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.
Photo “Leslie Love” by Leslie Love. 

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One Thought to “Michigan Legislators Want to Prevent Fast Food Chains from Handing Out ‘Boy Toys’ or ‘Girl Toys’”

  1. Folks, we are witnessing the complete mental breakdown of the left. What kind of adult would take such an issue with a company that is giving their children, for free toys with their meals? What kind of an attitude is this? Do you really think that the electorate of Michigan in Ms. Love’s district had this kind of representation in mind when they cast their vote for her? Absurdity…