Majority of Ohioans Support Government Shutdown for Border Wall

A new poll released Wednesday shows that 53 percent of Ohioans favor President Donald Trump’s plan to shutdown the federal government if Congress fails to include funding for the border wall in its spending bill.

The poll, conducted by TRZ Communications on behalf of the We the People Convention, found that 52.9 percent of respondents support “Trump’s shutdown threat,” while 42 percent oppose it. When told that a shutdown only applied to “non-essential” employees, the number in favor went up to 57.8 percent.

Additionally, 51 percent of respondents were not aware of the fact the border wall would come with a one-time cost of $25 billion, while illegal immigration costs the country an estimated $130 billion per year.

“Despite Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi’s false claims yesterday that ‘experts say that walls don’t work,’ the fact is that the wall Israel built cut illegal immigration by 99 percent,” We the People Convention President Tom Zawistowski said in a Wednesday press release.

“With 95 percent of the heroin and fentanyl, that killed a record 70,000 Americans last year alone, coming across the Mexico border, anyone who opposes funding the border wall can’t do math and doesn’t care about America’s children or its middle class,” he added.

We the People Convention, an Ohio-based Tea Party affiliate, found that support for Trump’s shutdown threat skyrocketed among his base, with 84.5 percent of Trump voters supporting the move. Ohio’s Democrats, on the other hand, largely opposed Trump’s talks of a shutdown at 78.5 percent of respondents.

“Our organization certainly supports the president’s stand because it just makes common sense,” Zawistowski said.

Overall, Wednesday’s poll concluded that 61 percent of Ohioans rate border security as “very important,” while another 7 percent called it “important.” Eighteen percent of respondents said securing the border is “important but not essential,” leaving just 12 percent who do not believe it is “necessary.”

The poll comes a day after Trump’s on-camera meeting with Democratic leaders in which he claimed that he would take the blame if the government is ultimately shutdown.

“We have to have a wall.” Trump told Schumer during a testy exchange Tuesday. “I will take the mantle of shutting it down. I will shut it down for border security.”

Zawistowski agrees and said Wednesday that “if there is no funding for the border wall, then there is no funding for the government.”

“It’s real simple,” he said. “Congress must do what they promised, nothing else is acceptable.”

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