Ohio Mom Sings Lullaby to Her Aborted Baby at Pro-Choice ‘Prayer’ Service

A new abortion clinic in Columbus hosted a prayer service for its grand opening in November, and new video leaked from that event shows a mother singing a lullaby to the child she aborted.

On November 9, Your Choice Healthcare hosted a “clinic blessing” featuring “various prayers, music, and abortion storytelling as well as a message from Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith,” who operates Crazy Faith Ministries out of Ohio.

“Come celebrate the opening of Columbus’ new medical abortion clinic,” an event description states. “This gathering is open to all people of faith (and non-faith) who affirm abortion patients and providers.”

Organizers of the event go on to call it an “uplifting” experience, though noted that they were “expecting protesters to be present.”

On Tuesday, Created Equal, a pro-life organization, released a video from the event that showed a mother who aborted her child singing a lullaby to the dead baby.

“In my faith, there is only a thin veil, or door, that separates the living from the other side. And so about two weeks before my abortion was scheduled, I started having visions and started talking to the spirit of the child that I believe had come to me,” the woman in the video says. She goes on to say that the “spirit of that child” told her “it’s okay” to proceed with the abortion.


“And I remember in the clinic when I was waiting for the operation, the procedure, a song came to me in my head and out of nowhere, and it was a pretty little lullaby that came to me. And I just want to sing it to you. I knew it was from the spirit of that child, saying ‘it’s okay,’” the woman said before singing the lullaby to the audience gathered.

Created Equal notes that Ohio’s first-ever abortion clinic closed its doors after it was found that the company, Founders Women’s Health Center, employed uninsured abortionists, as well as a known sex offender.

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One Thought to “Ohio Mom Sings Lullaby to Her Aborted Baby at Pro-Choice ‘Prayer’ Service”

  1. A “clinic blessing”? “Various prayers, music and abortion storytelling by Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith”? What prayer’s were these people praying? Just who were they praying to? When I pray, I pray to God, in the name of Jesus Christ, that said in Luke 17:2–“It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” Is the Reverend praying to the God I’m praying to then? Obviously not. And then there’s the “abortion storytelling”. Now just what does storytelling about abortion consist of? Are we talking about the barbaric tactics of the dismemberment, or what here? Finally, to the dear lady that claimed her child told her it was okay to abort it, just maybe dear you need psychiatric help if in fact you’re hearing talking like that, that encourages you to do things that is in direct contrast of what the Savior Of The World said. ORRRR, could you just be LYING? MY PRAYER is that that clinic gets shut down. There is NO JUSTIFICATION for the murder of babies.