Battleground State Report Discusses Midwest Christian Voters and How Their Attackers Could Weaken Democrats in Swing States

On Friday’s Battleground State Report with Steve Gill, Michael Patrick Leahy, and Doug Kellett – a one hour radio show from Star News Digital Media in the early stages of a national weekend syndication rollout – the three hosts discussed how the current narrative against the Catholic Covington students could potentially be hindering and not helping the Democrats’ influence throughout the Midwest.

Gill: One of the things as we talk about the Battleground State effect of some of these news stories. And I think this Covington case is a prime example. Covington, Kentucky, and we’ve had all the national news media that really don’t know much about fly over country. You know if you’re in New York or you’re in San Francisco and the media in Washington, D.C., “Oh Covington, Kentucky” and they probably have this vision it’s probably in Appalachia, (Uneducated accent) after they get home from working in the coal mines. They go to their Catholic school and start flashing (Sarcastic tone) white supremacy signals. (Leahy laughs) Covington is literally right across the river. It’s basically a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. So this is a story that not only is, I think, having weight in the battleground states because it’s just so aggressively and ridiculously wrong. To mistreat these kids and lie about the story. And again the fact that this Vietnam vet, Nathan Phillips, it now comes out that they were trying to portray him as some sort of a hero and how bad the kids were for disrespecting this old Indian Vietnam veteran, you know this war hero. Turns out you know, he wasn’t a hero at all.

Leahy: Stolen valor.

Gill: Didn’t even go to Vietnam.

Leahy: And he has despite all the media assists, that the mainstream media and NBC’s Savannah Guthrie tried to help him out here. Having claimed you’ve never claimed to be a Vietnam vet, she said in an interview just this past week. Well, earlier in the month, he in fact, there’s video that surfaced. He did claim that he was a Vietnam vet. He’s a liar. Stolen valor. He lied about his service in Vietnam and he also lied about the incident which, as you mentioned the video tape points out. You made another very good point in an earlier piece you did when you talked about the Christian and Catholic vote particularly in the Midwest battleground states being so important for Trumps victory in 2016. Now here’s kids from a Catholic school literally across the river, across the Ohio River, from the big battleground state of Ohio. How are all these false charges against Catholics playing out among Catholic voters in Ohio?

Gill went onto describe how the media has unleashed an attack on the Covington kids and how this agenda, although it may play well in places like San Francisco and New York City, could potentially backfire in populated Christian areas such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan. He added that these states could provide a ‘swing vote’ due to the strong Catholic presence.  In conclusion Gill provided examples of the recent attacks on Judges and the Knights of Columbus and noted that certain Muslim hijab wearing Congress people spewing anti-Israel and anti-Christian hate are creating a visual that will resonate with voters.

“People that are strong in their faith, take it seriously,” Kellett said. “I think people are tired of being ridiculed for their faith.”


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