Commentary: Can Democrats #Resist Their Own Ruling Class in 2020?

by Jeffrey A. Rendall


Hill-a-reeee! Hill-a-reeee! Hill-a-reeee!

Upon hearing this you might assume you’re comatose and slowly waking to the sounds of a nightmarish 2016 Hillary Clinton “With Her!” rally, but it’s definitely not three years ago and rumors are flying – once again – that the Democrat maven is seriously pondering a third (and hopefully final!) try at the presidency next year…all because of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his stupid witch hunt investigation.

Diana Stancy Correll reported on the fantasy sequence at The Washington Examiner over the weekend, “Although no campaign is underway yet, CNN senior White House correspondent Jeff Zeleny said on CNN’s ‘Inside Politics’ Sunday that Clinton has started to discuss a third potential presidential bid.

“’So Hillary Clinton is telling people that she’s not closing the doors to the idea of running in 2020,’ Zeleny said. ‘Let’s just let that sink in.’

“Zeleny said that three people told him that as recently as this week, Clinton was telling people that she hadn’t definitively decided against running in 2020, especially given recent indictments of those close to President Trump, including his longtime adviser Roger Stone… [and] Clinton would likely capitalize on the fact that she won the popular vote in 2016 in a contest she lost to President Trump.”

Before you spit out your morning cup O’ Joe laughing, consider this is one CNN report that may not be fake news and really isn’t all that far-fetched. The “crooked” (thank you President Trump!) one is clearly steamed about her 2016 embarrassment, obviously still has a ton of motivation left under the ‘ol pantsuit jacket and her and hubby Big Bubba Bill aren’t about to let the amateurs in today’s Democrat ranks elbow them to the side and steal all their media glory.

Or it might be Trader Joe’s is running short on bargain-label chardonnay for Hill to drown her considerable sorrows these days. Just imagine the recycling heap generated from all those spent bottles. No doubt it’s one heck of a mountain!

Besides, it was Hillary and the self-interested kooks in her campaign apparatus that invented the whole Russian collusion thing in the first place…and look how far it’s gotten! With a healthy assist from James Comey (who the Clintons once hated but now love) and the Obama deep state, Mueller was appointed to investigate their crackpot theories propagated largely through their own slanted opposition research courtesy of the sleazy Trump-Russia dossier.

A few well-placed media leaks go a long way if the story is fantastic enough and about half the country voted for Hillary in 2016 – so the pro-Democrat suckers were apt to believe it right off. A number of carefully assembled speeches, a world “tour” and a tell-all book served to keep the Clintons in the headlines since their big defeat. And we all know the #MeToo movement didn’t dent Bill’s reputation or stain his pants any further than they were already sullied.

Some Democrats are simply above all forms of condemnation… Kennedys, Obamas, Clintons.

Two-plus years of painting Hillary as the victim are finally paying off for them; no wonder she’s allegedly telling confidants she’s still pondering a run. Why not? In a field as large as the Democrats’ a candidate with built-in support, strong establishment backing and the ability to raise money at the dialing of a phone (or sending of an email!) is in darn good shape right off the bat.

Who’s going to beat her, Kamala Harris? Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren? Kirsten Gillibrand?

None of these Democrat women are even close to as notoriously recognizable as Clinton and Warren’s “I’m gonna get me a beer” social media live stream proved the Massachusetts senator’s absolutely no threat to win the nomination whatsoever.

The Democrat establishment lane remains wide open and will stay that way even if/when former Obama VP Joe Biden throws his crumpled 76-year-old hat into the ring. Clinton trounced Biden in 2008 and would likely do so again, primarily because the old, male and pasty white motif isn’t exactly what the increasingly nutty Democrat SJW base demands from a standard-bearer.

Ruling class Democrats also feel triumphant these days with San Fran Nancy Pelosi’s and creepy “Chucky” Schumer’s purported (by the media) victory over Trump in the border wall government shutdown controversy. Further, Pelosi’s already annoyed by the ultra-leftist socialist activists in her caucus and would likely prefer someone like Hillary to return the party to its pre-Bernie Sanders orientation of pretending to be for the little man while liberally spreading favors and goodies on Democrat big money corporate interests and celebrities.

The next Solyndra is out there. Environmentalists are pooling their green cash to back the right person who packs a big enough punch. Hillary’s the gal.

Clinton can also truthfully claim nearly 66 million people voted for her against Trump, though her winning margin was greatly exaggerated by the over-indulgence of illegal alien voters in California and other places with large populations of PWP’s (people without papers). The current impasse over whether to build a border wall will only embolden Hillary further, as she’ll assert that if she’d been elected president the border would’ve already been officially dissolved, ICE disbanded and the border patrol completely supplanted with Mexican drug cartel cutthroats armed only with tasers, plastic bags and electronic detection devices.

If Hillary’s elected in 2020, instead of a wall there’d be welcome signs, voter applications complete with false social security numbers, directional maps in Spanish, instructions on how to successfully apply for asylum and $2000 prepaid visa cards to use at the closest store along with Obamacare coverage for all sick migrants. A listing of “safe houses” in various sanctuary cities would be available at checkpoints, the modern illegal and immoral equivalent of the underground railroad. Why not travel in style? Don’t be afraid, those gringos with firearms won’t hurt you!

The president will do his part later this year to encourage a Trump vs. Clinton rematch, correctly figuring that even though all of this year’s Democrats are beatable there isn’t anyone quite as pathetic and depraved as Hillary Clinton to challenge him. Why not make reelection a sure thing? Wouldn’t it be great to see Hillary win the Iowa Democrat caucuses with 18% of the vote? It could happen.

There’s no rush, either. Hillary can sit back and watch as the current Democrats tear each other to shreds – and then perhaps present herself as a “savior” candidate to take on Trump. Apparently, Biden’s in no hurry either. Amie Parnes reported at The Hill, “While a string of Democrats including Sens. Kamala Harris (Calif.) and Kristen Gillibrand (N.Y.) have jumped into the 2020 mix, sources who have spoken to Biden in recent days say he’s letting the process play out before revealing his intentions.

“Behind the scenes, however, Biden is proceeding as if he is going to enter the fray in the coming months. He is reaching out to key Democrats, swapping emails with donors and speaking at notable events that keep his name in the mix. Biden allies are also preparing staffing and organizing recommendations should he decide to enter the race.”

Here’s thinking Biden won’t resist a final run either. Similar to Hillary, Biden believes he’s entitled to the presidency and thinks Democrat voters will flock to a supposed “moderate” who’s pushing a platform of getting things done.

He’s wrong; the Democrat base wants blood. If Biden and/or Hillary runs it’ll be a classic battle between the swamp and the new socialist order. It’ll be ugly.

Democrats aren’t so busy celebrating their “victory” on the border wall funding scrap to look ahead to next year and who will try to beat President Trump. The old and tired wing of the party has Joe Biden — and probably Hillary Clinton… better prepare for a failure of epic proportions.

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