Boy Scouts Welcome Girls Into Their Ranks

The Boy Scouts of America welcomed girls into its ranks Friday.

For almost a year young girls have been able to join the Cub Scouts.

But starting Friday, girls 11-17 years old can participate in the Boy Scouts program, now called Scouts BSA. That curriculum is the path to becoming an Eagle Scout, the organization’s highest rank.

Co-ed troops, however, are not planned for Scouts BSA. Boys and girls will be able to earn the same merit badges and advance through the same ranks.

According to a statement on the the Boy Scouts of America’s website, “The leadership of the BSA determined that the best way to welcome girls and serve today’s families was to offer a unique model that builds on the proven benefits of our single-gender program, while also providing character and leadership opportunities for both boys and girls.”

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  1. Here for nothing more than Political Correctness, IS the destruction of the once great kids organization. Watch and see. EVERYTHING those leftist’s touch, they destroy.