The Battleground State Report: How Four Key States Could React to the Late Term Abortion Bill in the 2020 Election

On Friday’s Battleground State Report with Steve Gill, Michael Patrick Leahy, and Doug Kellett – a one hour radio show from Star News Digital Media in the early stages of a national weekend syndication rollout – the three hosts discussed the recent New York State late term abortion bill and the false claims it makes regarding the health and safety of the mother.

As the segment went on, the men discussed how this new bill would effect Catholic voters in the four key states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Gill: The big issue this week that has drawn a ton of attention has been this move towards New York where they embraced late term, right to the moment of birth abortions. With pretty much on demand. There is a restriction that says, ‘the health of the mother.’ But that is not defined and can include economic health, mental health, stress perhaps is reason to abort your child as you’re in the process of birthing a baby. And then the Governor of Virginia, Northam, Democratic Governor of Virginia, a pediatrician by the way, espouses the idea that even after the birth you can keep the baby comfortable while the mother and the doctor decide whether to kill it. You had a Virginia legislator who was sponsoring the legislation who actually admitted that up to when dilation is occurring. Again when the birth has begun, yeah you can still at that late point in the game decide to kill the baby. She’s doubled down, Northam has doubled down on it. The question is, this infanticide effort, this late term barbaric abortion process, how does that play in these battleground states where you’ve got strong Catholic populations, strong Evangelical populations? And this is an issue that may galvanize voters. Even Doug in those purple to blue states like a Virginia.

Kellett: You know Steve I listed to that entire interview with the governor with the radio station there. I think I was, it took my breath away. The very idea that somehow the baby could be breathing on it’s own, outside the womb and there’s a discussion going on about whether the baby should live. I mean, I think the callous nature of that really shocked me a bit. I mean, I’ve always, you know, we’ve debated this over the years about the idea of freedom of choice, women’s right to choose, and such and whether do we know when life begins.  At conception or does it begin sometime after that. I can understand people who hold those various opinions. I don’t hold that opinion, but I do understand people who do. I do not understand anyone who can hold an opinion that it would be ok to have an abortion in the third trimester and certainly have some debate about whether the baby lives after it is already born. We should be one hundred percent against that in this country.

Gill went on to state the Democrats were at least consistent in blurring the lines by advocating for harvesting votes after an election and would be on point with the advocation of having an abortion after a birth. Kellett responded by stating that it was a barbaric act and that in the past it came up in  Congress with even an opposition from Tim Kaine. Gill brought up a good point stating that the Democrats don’t want children ripped from their parents at the border but have no problem ripping children apart as they come out of the womb.  He questioned what are the voters for.

Leahy: Doug, you mentioned the issue of the infanticide and how it will play out in the battleground states. The Northam comments basically supporting infanticide, Governor of Virginia, the Democratic Governor, came out, just the same day coincidentally, that, and I usually don’t say this as a source, but the Brookings Institute released a study which said that really in the battleground states there are four midwestern states that are really potentially the states that Democrats could take. This was before the infanticide as the official policy of Democrats came out. And those four states were all states that went for President Trump in twenty sixteen. They’re Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Now, as Steve mentioned, those four states have a heavy Catholic population. Now what’s interesting we don’t see necessarily the Catholic hierarchy condemning Virginia Governor Northam supporting infanticide.

Gill: Or Catholic governor Cuomo or the Catholic governor of Rhone Island where they’re pushing these same policies.

Leahy: What we see the people who are in the pews of these Catholic churches, the voters, have very strong feelings about it. And as you’ve pointed out, they’ve made the difference in two thousand sixteen. Doug how does this embrace of infanticide play out with those Catholic voters in those four key midwestern states?

Kellett responded stating that people of faith in those four states, although in different degrees of pro-life views, they like in Virginia should be one hundred percent against this new abortion legislation. He suggested that what may occur is that abortions will be outlawed or restricted in one state and readily available in others.

“At some point you have to leave it up to the various states here. But I think you’re right, it can certainly play a role in this. And I think religious freedom, the idea that these issues, I don’t know what to call it other than infanticide as Steve did. It certainly could play a role in it. Especially in a close election,” concluded Kellett.

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