The Reparation Situation: Battleground State Report Discusses the Democrats Idiocracy with Recent Calls for Reparations

The Battleground State Report, airing Fridays at 8am CST with Steve Gill, Michael Patrick Leahy, and Doug Kellett – is a one hour radio show from Star News Digital Media in the early stages of a national weekend syndication rollout.  The team talked about the recent calls for reparations by the Democratic party and how this idea is unrealistic.  They also begged the question of who would be getting paid or paying reparations as many of the Democrats have ancestry of slave ownership.

They concluded the segment discussing the results of a fifty year old War on Poverty and how that hasn’t done anything for the African American community.

Leahy: What is coming out now that’s really delightful is this. So now, all most all of the leading Democratic contenders, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, have come out in favor of reparations for slavery. So, I think that the reparations question is going to be an interesting one for the Democratic primary. And each candidate then will be able to say well on the issue of reparations, “Are you going to be paying reparations or are you going to be receiving reparations?” So in the case of, let’s say, Elizabeth Warren. Now she has falsely claimed to be native American and used that to advance her career and move up. That’s well known. She’s not been able to get past that. And yet we see her calling for reparations for not only African Americans but also Native Americans. So does she ask for reparations or does she pay them. Does she make her false claim again. The other question, Kamala Harris, her great great great great grandfather, Hamilton Brown, Jamaican. One of the biggest slave owners in Jamaica. Does she pay or receive reparations because she also has Jamaican slaves in her heritage. And then in Virginia, he’s not a presidential candidate but we see Ralph Northam. You know the guy with the black face problem. The guy who’s wife was handing out stocks of coffee.

Gill: Pro-infanticide.

Leahy: That guy.

Kellett: Maybe you got to let him decide, you know the reparations issue right? How many slaves did his…

Leahy: Yeah, his ancestors owned eighty four slaves. So, who does he cut the check to? Which of those candidates does he cut the check to and for how much?

Gill: I want to ask Amy Klobuchar you know from Minnesota. You’re from a state where there weren’t any slaves. Why should you’re people pay anything in slave reparations because somebody in another state, ancestrally, owned or was the slave…why do people in Minnesota have to chip in on that?

Kellett asked what would the price tag for all of this look like. Referencing Gill’s statement on Amy Klobuchar, Kellett stating that Klobuchar went against the Democratic mantra stating that we can’t afford free education for everyone.  Gill begged the question how would you decide who get’s reparations and how would you gauge it? Kellett agreed that it was easy to call for reparations but the math is too complicated. The men agreed that the position was absurd and wondered if we were going to be able to force people to pay people who never owned a slave to pay people who were never slaves.  The team agreed by asking the question of how this would play out in the Battleground States.

Leahy: Now one of the things that I think. If you did a common sense index Doug. and we were to do a common sense index by state. The lowest states would obviously be the blue states and the high states would be the…

Kellett: California would be what? One or two?


Gill: Can you be in the negative number?

Leahy: So, but, there’s a pretty high common sense index in these battleground states. And they’re going to look at this this whole reparations question and they’re going to say, “That’s just pure idiocy.”

Gill: Well you’re already hearing some of the Democrats trying to excuse it saying, “Well we’re not going to make you, Doug or you Michael pay. We’re going to use government funding. We’re going to use government dollars.”

Leahy: So everybody in the country pays.

The team concluded the segment expressing the fact that Americans have already paid a lot since the War on Poverty was announced over fifty years ago. They agreed that paying into the government hasn’t worked thus far and that citizens have already contributed in the effort to wipe out poverty and into the African American community without success. Gill posed the question, “Will Somali refugees get reparations since they have no ancestors here?”

“Again the Republican’s should continue to allow the Democrats to eat their own and let them continue to drag their party further into the insanity of the extreme left,” concluded Gill.


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