The Battleground State Report Discusses Trending Democratic Voters in New Hampshire and the ‘Victim-hood’ Campaign

On Friday’s one hour radio show from Star News Digital Media which is in the early stages of a national weekend syndication roll-out – The Battleground State Report with Steve Gill, Michael Patrick Leahy, and Doug Kellett discussed the current New Hampshire primary voters and how they’re trending based on a recent poll by Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Further on into the show, the men dissected Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, and Elizabeth Warren’s campaign angles and how those would play out to voters.

Gill: Some good news on the non science but economic side. Again lowest unemployment rates in fifty years. Lowest jobless claims in fifty years. Fewest jobless claims since nineteen sixty nine. And you wonder why people are gravitating towards President Trump. You wonder why his approval ratings are going up. People are feeling the benefits of tax cuts and the job growth and the wage growth.

And the Democrats aren’t addressing that. They’re wanting us to go down the path of destructive socialism. They’re wanting to talk about how nine eleven and the terror attack was just “Some people did something.” They’re so off message. And they are rushing to be further left than all the other candidates and moving themselves further and further from moderates, independents…

Leahy: Yeah.

Gill: Conservatives, blue collar Regan democrats in the battleground states. Do you see any sign that anybody on the left on the Democratic side is waking up to that reality?

Leahy: No, not at all. Because they all want to get the Presidential nomination and they know that the far left loonys are the ones’ that are active and that will vote.

Gill: Even in a divided primary you think somebody would say, “Well I think the path may be via moderation.” And maybe that’s what Joe Biden was going to try to do but even he’s having to move left to cater to the wack jobs. And he’s got a sniffing and groping problem.

Leahy: He’s got his you know, behavioral problems out there which will not go away. And they’re going to hit him over the head with that like a bludgeon for the next year and a half. Which may explain why he’s not yet announced. Maybe he wants to get those, I don’t know, how much does he get for a speech now?

Gill: Well, I’m sure he’s in the hundred grand at least.

Leahy: At least. He probably wants to get more of those hundred grand fees coming in right? Until he makes an announcement. Now the word on the street he’s apparently going to announce at some point. But it’s April and um, how long can he wait? I suppose now, let’s go back…

Gill: He starts with name recognition that others have to buy.

Leahy: Well, now interestingly enough in one of our battleground states a recent poll by Saint Anselm College which is a college up there and has a political center.

Gill: New Hampshire.

Leahy: Yeah, New Hampshire. They did a poll in New Hampshire of Democratic primary voters, it’s the first primary in the nation. I think it will be February of next year. And it does start the path shall we say towards the nomination. And by the way, you know who lives just south of New Hampshire? Senator Elizabeth Warren lives just south of New Hampshire.

So they do this poll and just recently in first place among Democratic primary voters with twenty three percent of the vote, Joe Biden. Creepy Joe. Apparently he didn’t bug too many people up there. That he’s creepy Joe. (Gill chuckles) And then Bernie, Bernie Sanders who’s from neighboring Vermont just neighbors to the west in just sixteen percent. In third place, NOT neighboring Elizabeth Warren but instead by eleven percent of the vote, Mayor Pete Buttigieg! I think that’s how you pronounce it.

Gill: Yeah, the thing is though all these get their moment in the spotlight. They rise and then they fall. I mean Beto was the big thing just a month or so ago and now he’s drawing crowds of

Leahy: Three, four…

Gill: Dozens.

Leahy: Yeah, that’s well in fourth place it’s like eight and half percent, Elizabeth warren from neighboring Massachusetts. Now what does this tell me. It tells me the following that New Hampshire Democratic, likely New Hampshire Democratic primary voters like the authentic gay guy. The authentic gay white guy more than they like the fake Native American.

Gill: And yet he’s going to push aside the moderate blue collar Regan democrats by making his gayness the end all be all of his entire campaign.

Leahy: It’s all…

Gill: I saw somebody yesterday. You can’t watch a show on ABC anymore that’s Disney owned and ESPN owned. They’re all in that same…

Leahy: It’s all gay.

Gill: Every single show has three or four, by gosh, this isn’t really part of the story line but we’ve got to have two guys kissing. They throw it in your face constantly and if you watch ABC you’d think thirty forty percent of the population is gay.

Leahy: It’s what a couple percent?

Gill: Maybe one or two percent.

Leahy: I mean that’s what the..So anyways it’s the Democratic victim hood philosophy right? And the biggest victim is the one you need to vote for. He’s a victim he says because he’s gay and married to a guy. The victims I think are probably from the report in, I guess it was the Atlantic it’s the rest of the cities in South Bend, Indiana. But again it’s all about, his only message is, “I’m as far left as these other lunatic Democratic Presidential candidates BUT, in addition to that I’m the gay guy,” he says. Ok. It’s all about gay, gay, gay, gay, gay. What else? And he does this straw man argument against Mike Pence. He claims Mike Pence has a problem with him being gay. No.

Gill: Mike Pence has never even brought it up.

Leahy: Not even brought it up! Now, what’s the criticism of Mike Pence?  Well Mike Pence is for marriage between a man and a woman. He’s certainly got the right to do that. That doesn’t mean he’s against this guy being gay. Now I will say this about Pete Buttigieg. He doesn’t know how to frame a phrase. And it was a clever phrase to say, “Vice President Pence. You’re problem is not with me. You’re problem is with my creator.” That was his phrase.

Gill: Right. It’s not my choice to be gay.

Leahy: Yeah. Now that’s a good phrase whether it’s true or not. But it’s a good phrase. But it’s obviously a false argument. You cannot build your campaign, well maybe if you’re a Democrat you can, (Chuckles) on a false argument that’s ultimately false. We’ll see. It’s sort of a Mayor Pete boomlette right?

Gill: And then again you’re going to see these rise and fall. And then you’re going to see people get their second turn in the spotlight. You’re going to have the flavor of the week.

Leahy: Yeah.

Gill: For the next thirty or forty weeks before it kinds of gets honed down and people run out of money and realize they can’t run a legitimate campaign. And you’re going to see these people start to fall off.

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