Commentary: End Times for the Collusion Cult?

by Thaddeus G. McCotter


Long have we dwelt upon how many of those who eschew revealed religion, instead have turned and clung to the left-wing’s regressive “civil religion.” Among these secular believers, one of the fastest growing sects was the Russian Collusion Cult.

As with the overarching intellectual fraud, Collusion Cult members derived their benighted world view and unwarranted sense of self-worth from this ideological cesspool; however, unlike the larger practitioners of the civil religion who believe they ultimately would somehow coerce a change in human nature to erect an earthly Eden (a.k.a., “workers’ paradise”), the Collusion Cult had a less ambitious, more immediate Parousia: the impeachment and imprisonment of President Trump.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report was supposed to commence the Collusion Cult’s end times. Trump would be removed from office and frog marched to a federal penitentiary (for violent offenders, not some country club); then, Vice President Mike Pence would be impeached for abetting Trump in his crimes and on general principles (c.f., Mayor Pete); and the first female commander-in-chief, Nancy Pelosi, after taming that pesky Russian runt Vladimir Putin, would regressively govern the country while the slack-jawed corporate left-wing media drooled over the next “The One” up to and through his/hers/its inauguration.

Then Hale-Bopp arrived without the spaceship.

Even though it inverted the principle of innocent until proven guilty; invented a risible theory of obstruction of justice; omitted key facts, including the Fusion GPS ties of individuals in the Trump Tower meeting; and, tried its mightiest to concoct a “narrative” in a legal (i.e., requisitely factual) document to sully President Trump, the Mueller report was forced to concede there was no obstruction and no collusion.

For Russian Collusion cultists, it was a cruel, crushing blow. Far from inspiring regressive ecstasy, the Collusion Cult’s beloved secular saint Mueller informed them their entire sect was built upon a scam; and, consequently, for Collusion cultists these were their dead end times.

People being people, Collusion cultists differently dealt with this dose of reality.

A handful acquiesced in the result—such as the Democratic politicians who never really believed, but cynically pimped the Russia-gate weaponized lie for partisan gain and will continue to do so, issuing subpoenas and slinking across TV screens to spread their new McCarthyism, though the cagier ones will do so without calling for impeachment. Oh, and lest we forget, there were two hipsters who only joined the Collusion Cult because it was a good place to get a deal for their cerebral Netflix original documentary, “Obama Good, Orange Man Bad.”

Along this line, but even more despicably (never underestimate the Left), the high priests of the Collusion Cult—the complicit media—continue to contort reality to retain a shard of their obliterated credibility. “Day is night as black is white as wrong is right—and Trump sucks!” is the complicit media’s mantra; and their glassy-eyed, true-believing Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) suckers echo this chant as they mouth-breathe through life in their pursuit to impose upon us all the sacred regressive aims revealed on the tableau of a Yugo’s bumper stickers.

The Collusion Cult’s TDS suckers’ chants remain at ear splitting, “Live at Leeds” levels. For the vast majority of cultists are suffering an apparently incurable case of cognitive dissonance. In fact, some polls have nearly 40 percent of the electorate wanting more investigation of President Trump to determine if he colluded with Putin and/or obstructed justice, despite having been investigated by a sage and sainted special counsel and his plethora of taxpayer-funded disciples (many of whom were Democrats and no fans of the president).

Ah, well, where there is life, there are dopes.

It’s tempting to believe it’s better this way. Generally, the following formula is the legal requirement needing to be proven for an involuntary commitment for mental health treatment: “Does the person constitute a threat to themselves or others?” For the Collusion Cultists to squander their time vainly pursuing their myth like a bunch of chupacabra hunters might provide the rest of us some relief in that this is the least destructive use of their time.

Of course, the underlying civil religion of the Collusion Cultists is the one that teaches America is evil and in need of radical transformation. So the Russia-gate lie actually served their larger project. Obviously, if true—and it isn’t, cultists—America would, indeed, be a dangerously, perhaps fatally, corrupted nation in need of transformation before it careens to its destruction.

Still, because those of us unaffected by TDS recognize and respect the constitutional rights of others, we also recognize that Collusion Cultists are entitled to their political beliefs, regardless of the impact it has on their own cognitive faculties. Nevertheless, we also have a civic obligation to request they reconsider, based upon how the deliberately divisive Russia-gate weaponized lie has harmed the civil and political discourse and all of us who inhabit our free republic. It’s hard to have a reasoned discourse with someone who claims you’re a traitor.

Just as a house divided against itself cannot stand, a citizenry divided by the Russia-gate lie cannot engage in civil discourse and perhaps may never again unite in a common cause. For Russia-gate must be either fact or fiction; and a two-year special counsel’s investigation has proven it’s fiction. In time, one hopes sooner than later, the vast majority of the Collusion Cult will accept this reality and we can all proceed to other actual policy disagreements sans the divisive bile of this lie.

Yet, if Collusion Cult persists in their treasonous phantasms, that would, indeed, constitute harm to the health of our free republic.

Get well soon!

– – –

The Hon. Thaddeus McCotter is the former chairman of the Republican House Policy Committee, current itinerant guitarist, American Greatness contributor, and Monday co-host of the “John Batchelor Show.”
Photo “Adam Schiff” by Adam Schiff. 



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