Toledo Superintendent Who Makes $195K Annually Used School Funds for Personal Expenses, Audit Finds


A report released Tuesday by Ohio State Auditor Keith Faber revealed that Toledo City School District Superintendent Dr. Romules Durant used school money for personal expenses.

According to the report, Durant used the district’s money to make several “improper purchases,” including $32 for alcohol, $396 for gas, $71 for “personal care items,” $130 on charity contributions, $50 for airline baggage fees for a guest, and an additional $280 worth of “unsupported purchases.”

“It is very troubling that the leader of a school district would use school money for his personal expenses,” Faber said in a press release. “My office issued a finding of recovering in this case, which insured the school’s funds were returned and used for student development.”

In total, Durant spent $959 of the district’s money on personal expenses during the 2018 fiscal year, Faber’s office explains. The audit found that the expenses were either against school policy or lacked a “proper public purpose.”

Durant has issued a check for $959 to the Toledo City School District’s General Fund as a result of the audit.

According to The Toledo Blade, Durant’s annual base salary is $195,000 as of July 2016 when the Toledo Board of Education unanimously approved a $20,000 pay raise. Durant has served as superintendent since 2013 and was offered a five-year deal. His contract, however, was extended for three years in 2018 and will expire July 31, 2021.

The Blade notes that his amended contract allows for one additional year in the position unless the board decides not to renew by March 1, 2021.

Durant hasn’t issued any public statements on the results of the audit and seemingly won’t face any consequences apart from reimbursing the misused funds.

The Ohio Department of Education currently lists Durant’s district as receiving an overall failing grade on its Ohio School Report Cards database.

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