Lara Trump Discusses the U.S. Economy, the 2020 Election, and More with AM1420 The Answer’s Bob Franz


White House advisor Lara Trump joined Cleveland-based talked Bob Franz Monday morning to talk about the booming US economy, the rising popularity of “socialism,” the 2020 campaign, and much more.

Franz: She is the daughter in law as well as an advisor to the President of the United States, Lara Trump who joins us now on AM1420, The Answer. Laura very good to talk to you. Thank you so much for joining us here in Cleveland, how are you?

Trump: Good morning. I’m doing great. Thanks for having me.

Franz: Well, I appreciate you for being here. I’m going to give you a chance to talk about that great event in Delaware County you’re going to be speaking out in a moment. In Westerville you’re going to be speaking How are you enjoying this Barack Obama economy?

Trump: Oh, is this the biggest joke ever. (Franz laughs) I mean anybody with any common sense understands exactly why this economy is firing at all cylinders thanks to Donald Trump. It’s called rolling back regulations. It’s called tax breaks for small businesses. Leveling the playing field with trade and renegotiating bad trade deals so that the us companies are on a level playing field with the rest of the world.

It’s common sense stuff and guess who did it? Donald Trump, not Barack Obama. I love to hear all the Democrats though try to give Obama credit for it. The President had said that two percent growth was the best we could expect in this country.  They’ll keep trying to pedal that one but I think we all know the reality.

Franz: And it’s not just the economic growth and two point three percent growth. And it’s not just the lowest unemployment rate Laura since nineteen sixty nine. Forty nine years since we’ve had this low of an unemployment rate. It’s the kind of jobs that they declared were not able to be brought back. Manufacturing jobs. We were not going to be able to do that again in this country, that ship has sailed.

We are a changing economy or a more of a service sector economy now. Unless you have a magic wand President Obama chided your father on his way into office, “You’re not bringing those back.” Well look at the kind of jobs. The kind of jobs that have led to a three point two percent wage increase for middle class Americans. They now have a record high average of twenty seven dollars and seventy cents an hour. This is precisely what bringing manufacturing back to the United States economy looks like.

Trump: Yeah, that’s exactly right.  And they’re not just trickling back in by the way. They are coming back by the hundreds of thousands to this country. It’s really the forgotten men and women of America who Donald Trump said “If you vote for me I will make sure these jobs come back.” And you’re right, his predecessor said, “You would have to have the magic wand to bring them back.” Obviously this President has it and he’s using it to benefit everybody in this country. Not to mention he’s a champion of apprenticeship.

You know, this is something that’s sort of been a lot art in this country. Programs that say you that you don’t have to go to a four year college. You can do on the job training and move up through the ranks. And it’s something that’s really benefiting the manufacturing workers primarily across this country. So, I again, I love to hear the Democrats try to take any sort of credit for this. They’re desperate for anything by the way to try and make this President look bad because they know he’s doing a great job. And I think they know it’s going to be pretty tough in twenty twenty to beat him.

I don’t think it’s lost on anybody that the economy started turning back around, these jobs started coming back and it started happening under the Trump administration and the Trump presidency not the Obama administration.

Franz: There’s no question about that. We’re talking to Lara Trump, who is the wife of Eric Trump of course. Making her the daughter in law of the President of the United States. By the way, congratulations. I did see last month Eric’s Tweet that you are expecting another addition to the family this summer some time correct?

Trump: Thank you yes. In August we’re going to be expanding our family. Two dogs and one baby now. So we’ll have a second baby so we can even it out. (Franz chuckles) And I told my husband that just means we’ve got to get another dog.Because we need one more dog than kids in our apartment (Trump laughs) Thank you very much we’re really excited.

Franz: Congratulations to you both. That’s wonderful. You know, it’s funny when you say they know, they being the Democrats how difficult it’s going to be to defeat your father with the economy being this strong. In normal circumstances I would agree with that. In fact in recent American history an incumbent President that is enjoying a strong, vibrant economy is almost a shoe in for reelection to get a second term.

Your father’s poll numbers, and we know what poll numbers mean. We saw wrong in twenty sixteen. Your fathers situation is a little different because no American President has had to deal while the economy is this strong with the opposition that he is facing. I’m talking of course about the fact that first of all the Mueller probe even existed.

Second of all the fact that it finally wrapped with two years and twenty five million dollars of investigations later proving no collusion and no obstruction that is provable as well. And they won’t let that go. They’re going to spend the next eighteen months, Laura trying to continue the narrative that your father in law, the President of the United States was a Russian agent and that he tried to obstruct justice in order to cover that up.

Trump: (Gasps) Well it’s so laughable first of all. Like Donald Trump would need anything from Russia. Like he would need to be a Russian agent. Are these people kidding me? For all of us it’s been incredibly frustrating just to hear this narrative continue throughout the main stream media. Especially on on the left.

In twenty sixteen we were so incredibly proud of our campaign and how we knew we were doing everything the right way. And we knew that the other side for the most part was not doing things the right way. You saw how Bernie Sanders had everything ripped away from him and Hillary Clinton some how became the nominee despite the fact that it looks like he was probably closer than it really was between the two of them.

But we really prided ourselves on the fact that we didn’t raise the same amount of money as the Clinton campaign. She had way more money than we did. But we knew we had the American people behind us and we were so proud of that. And that we had done things by the book and the right way and then for this idea that we colluded with Russia to come out. We all sound incredibly frustrating and quite frankly hurtful in a certain way. And finally we get to the end of it. The Mueller report comes out and proves that there is no collusion with Russia like we all have known from day one.

And they won’t accept it because they know that is all they have to go against this President on. They can’t beat him on the economy. They can’t beat him on jobs. They can’t beat him on unemployment. They can’t beat him on how the way he’s dealt with everything around the world.  Whether it’s from moving the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem like very President promised before him and none delivered on. Or having multiple talks with Kim Jong-Un of North Korea to possibly denuclearize the Korean peninsula.

They know they can’t beat him so they have to keep this idea going that he did something wrong. Or our campaign did something wrong. And it’s all nonsense. I think the American people are so tired of it. But to your point Bob, this is a President who has accomplished all these incredible things despite the fact that he has had the Mueller investigation against him. Despite the fact that the Democrats obstruct him at every single turn and try to stop every positive thing that he has done for this country from happening.

It’s kind of incredible when you look at it. Two and a half years into his presidency what he’s achieved and to see the obstacles he’s had to face at every single turn. Obviously we’re so proud of him. I knew he would be a great President. He’s even surpassed by expectations as someone who’s known him for a very long time. And I expect to see even greater things in his second term. Because we all know he’s got to be in there for two terms.

Franz: Lara Trump is our guest. She is the daughter in law of the President of the United States of course. And Lara, you’re campaign advisor. You were campaign advisor in twenty sixteen. I assume you’re going to play that same role in this reelection bid?

Trump: I should hope so. It will be different, I will say that.

Franz: Okay.

Trump: In twenty sixteen, listen, nobody gives you a play book of exactly how to run a campaign. We were all very green. We all kind of learned on-the-fly and certainly it will be different. But yes, I will be travelling the country. I look forward to talking to people this time around to hear how their lives have been changed by Donald Trump. Not just how they about they excited they are to vote for him and so many of those people were first time voters. They were in their seventies or eighties. You know war veterans.

People who were Democrats their whole life who had switched over to vote for this President. So I’m very much looking forward to it. I hope to play as big a role if not bigger the second go round. But we’re all excited. We’re ready to go. We’ll all sit back with our popcorn and watch these primary debates between Democrats and see who out Bernie’s one another. We’re ready to roll.

Franz: I’m glad you brought that up. That was going to be my question leading into it as far as what your role in the campaign was going to be. I wanted to find out who you feel like would be the best, or maybe if you want to answer the best of the most challenging opponent to come out of this thing. Because Bernie as you pointed out could have gotten the nomination before the little bit of Democratic chicanery, and super delegates and tilted debates on CNN later, Hillary Clinton get’s it.

Is Bernie the biggest threat do you think as far as the Democrats go or is it maybe former Vice President Joe Biden or one of these uber-leftists grabbing on board the green new deal ideals of young Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? I call her Kelly Bundy because that’s who she reminds me of.

Trump: (Laughing) Well, first of all I will say that we are not worried about anyone that we have truly seen get in this race on the Democrat end. I think probably the greatest hope that the Democrats have is somewhere between a Bernie Sanders and a Joe Biden. The reality is when if Bernie Sanders becomes their nominee then it is to me very easy win because you’re running against someone who is promoting socialism in the United States of America. You don’t have to look very far to see why that doesn’t work.

You look to countries who have implemented socialism, the USSR, China, Cuba and most recently Venezuela where people are starving to death. They’re getting run over by tanks in the street. The average person has lost twenty four pounds in that country and ninety percent is living below the poverty zone. That is not something that the average American can get behind. And whenever you propose what we have now, the booming economy and all the hope that people have for the future of the country thanks to this President versus the alternative which is something along the lines of Venezuela.

I think that it’s a very easy win. Now on the other hand you do have Joe Biden who I think is probably among the most moderate of them and that’s really saying quite a bit because I mean, Joe Biden has championed some really crazy policies in the past. You look at him, he had eight years under the Obama administration to make any great changes in this country. He’s from the state of Pennsylvania which he hopes will help him win that state. Meanwhile, what we were just talking about at the beginning of this interview.

The fact that that state among many others was one that Barack Obama and Joe Biden said,  “The jobs are never coming back. Move on. The manufacturing jobs aren’t coming back to this country.” Pennsylvania arguably has benefited among the most of any state from all of these manufacturing jobs coming back. So whomever the opponent we are not that concerned. I think the President actually said it in one of his speeches recently that he kind of wished that he hadn’t given Elizabeth Warren the moniker of Pocahontas because maybe she would have been the easiest to kind of beat. But she’s already kind of out based on what the President says.

So whomever we’re ready to go. We’re ready to fight. And I think that people of this country understand why great changes have happened and they’ve all happened because of this President.

Franz: I certainly hope so.

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