The Battleground State Report: If Democrats Capture the White House, Will America Become Venezuela?


On last Friday’s one hour radio show from Star News Digital Media which is in the early stages of a national weekend syndication roll-out – The Battleground State Report with Steve Gill, Michael Patrick Leahy, and Doug Kellett, Steve Gill broke down what would happen to America if Trump voters stayed home and Democrats captured the White House in twenty twenty.

Near the end of the segment, Gill disseminated the difference between Trump voters and Republican voters and was concerned that if Trump voters decided to stay home in twenty twenty, a Bernie Sanders win would be catastrophic to the country.

Gill: Two thousand nineteen, there are some battles already underway. You’ve got a governors race down in Louisiana. You’ve got governors race in Kentucky. You’ve got Virginia where state house and state senate races so two thousand nineteen has some interesting political campaigns. But twenty twenty is the big kahuna as they would say. And we’ve been talking a little bit about what if the Democrats are able to capture the White House whether it’s a Bernie Sanders.

Whether it’s a Joe Biden, Kamala Harris. You know, Elizabeth Warren. The one’s sort of leading in the polls right now. And those that are behind able to surge and kind of move into the lead that gets them the nomination. What does that do in these US House races and US Senate races so that if a Democrat gets the White House are the able to actually do anything?

I think jus the shock value impact on the economy would be devastating if a Bernie Sanders or a Joe Biden or any of these other socialist, anti-American economy Democrats get elected. Now if they don’t have control of the House or the Senate their ability to do things would certainly be hampered. Just their bully pulpit I think would have a devastating impact on the economy and Americans would feel that pain right away.

Leahy: Yeah, I think that’s right. Our we entering into the land of guessing about a dystopian future for America? Is that where we are?

Gill: Again, I don’t know that the American people would really do this suicide campaign and climb on board the Titantic that would literally cost them jobs. Cost them future. Devastate the economy. I don’t think anybody can look at what you’d see happen if you took the Trump de-regulatory, Trump tax cutting, just the economic positivity of Trump being in the White House versus if you’ve got these folks who literally want to grab America and reduce our economic prosperity by ripping us out at the roots.

Again I think it’s going to be important for the trump team to make it clear, ‘your voting to go back to where we were before.’ Where unemployment was here. Where your taxes were here. Where regulatory abuses where keeping you from having jobs. If you want to go back to the rust belt or to where it was just a few short years ago then by all means put these people in. Because they will take us back to those bad days or worse. They’re going to make us Venezuela. They are going to tear us down economically because that’s what their plans have done in every community where they run and every time they’ve been in control of the White House.

The question is, would they have the votes to supplant the attitude adjustment of a new person in the White House with the power to actually pass legislation that would be as destructive as they would want to do if they had the power. Now in the House, we were talking just before the break, I think if you have a Bernie Sanders get elected, that’s going to mean that Trump voters have stayed home. That moderate and economically focused voters stay home. That’s the only way I think a Bernie Sanders gets elected versus a Donald Trump.

Leahy: Hmmhmm.

Gill: We would be picking socialism and poverty versus wealth and prosperity and capitalism. So if we choose that route, it means that Republicans and conservatives and libertarians who believe in a capitalist economy stayed home and went crazy and voted for Bernie. If that happens, I think you have a pendulum swing that would put Democrats still in control of the House and maybe pick up the Senate.

Leahy: Maybe pick up the Senate.

Gill: If it’s a Biden it may be a little bit more marginal where Republicans pick up House seats. Either limit or flip the House back into Republican control because the Democrats won a lot of seats in the midterms that were the reflection of they outspent the Republicans. The Republicans didn’t run good candidates. Trump wasn’t on the ballot to turn out the Trump voters that will be the case in twenty twenty. So in some of these districts where Trump had won by a pretty good margin, Democrats picked up those seats because the Trump voters stayed home. They’re Trump voters not Republicans necessary. So I think that if Biden’s the nominee Republicans have a decent shot at recapturing the House and keeping the Senate. If you see a pendulum swing all the way to Bernie, man it’s catastrophic I think at every level.

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