The Battleground State Report: Leahy Joins Gill Live From Ohio to Discuss ‘What Will the Democrats Do to Destroy the Economy’


The Battleground State Report, airing Fridays at 8 am CST with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy and Doug Kellett is a one-hour radio show from Star News Digital Media in the early stages of a national weekend syndication roll out. With Leahy out of studio, Leahy called in live from Ohio to talk with Gill about what the Democrats will do to destroy the nations now booming economy.

Further on in the segment, the men discussed Joe Biden’s son’s assistance in funneling one point five billion dollars into his own pockets from the Chinese government. The team played a clip from a Steve Bannon appearance on Fox Business last week where Bannon discussed whether or not Joe Biden’s dealings would compromise any further dealing with China.

Gill: Michael, we were talking about what the Democrats could do to hurt the economy in order to improve their chances of winning at the ballot boxes in 2020. You know, one of the main ways they can do it is to try and foster this feud between China and the US. They’re already claiming that we need to capitulate to whatever the Chinese want. We can’t continue to do battle that will improve the US entry into the Chinese market. Will improve the ability to make sure that the Chinese are not stealing our intellectual property. Forcing companies to give them access to their intellectual property in order to enter the Chinese market. And that’s one way that they can diminish the continued growth of the economy.

The other way is frankly just to raise questions about this President. About his administration to really frame this as an anti-selection…” are you in favor of the rich getting richer or not?” Which will put a chill on the economy as those who make investments. Those who put more resources into growing the economy. Maybe start retrenching and saving what they have out of the fear if the Democrats take over there’s going to be massive tax increases. There’s going to be a move to the socialism that’s destroyed Venezuela. Even their rhetoric starts to put a chill on the economy.

Leahy: Yeah I think you’re right. And you see that on the among Democrat class of candidates right now. The problem on the China issue as you talked about our friend Steve Bannon has been relentlessly hammering Joe Biden about the China connection. It’s a very serious problem with Joe Biden. I’m surprised Steve that none of his Democratic rivals have really taken that China issue where he’s got such vulnerability and use that to attack him.

Steve Bannon was on Fox Business the other night and essentially telling (Chuckles) the Democratic field the way to beat Biden is to attack him on his China vulnerability. And then of course if Biden wins the nomination President Trump will be able to point out that his son, under Biden took $1.5 billion from the Bank of China controlled by the chines government and was pulling that for his investment fund. No qualifications to run such a fund and the question for Joe Biden is, how does that corruption by proxy not compromise you in dealing with China?

Gill: And this is the time to play that card while the China trade battle is underway. While people are paying attention to China to raise the specter of what Joe Biden did as Vice President to literally funnel billions from a foreign nation into the pockets of his son. Here’s a little bit from Steve Bannon on Fox news earlier last week talking about the Hunter Biden problem that Joe Biden has but which the mainstream media is ignoring.

(Steve Bannon clip plays)

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