Nadler Responds to Mueller: ‘Falls to Congress to Respond to the Crimes’

by Henry Rodgers


House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler responded to special counsel Robert Mueller’s first public remarks Wednesday since his report was released, saying it is up to Congress to investigate the findings in the Mueller report.

In a statement released by Nadler after Mueller’s press conference at the Department Of Justice, Nadler thanked Mueller for his service and said that “although Department of Justice policy prevented the Special Counsel from bringing criminal charges against the President, the Special Counsel has clearly demonstrated that President Trump is lying about the Special Counsel’s findings, lying about the testimony of key witnesses in the Special Counsel’s report, and is lying in saying that the Special Counsel found no obstruction and no collusion,” saying it is now Congress’ responsibility to act.

“We would like to thank Special Counsel Robert Mueller for his service to our nation over the past two years. In his statement this morning, Special Counsel Mueller reaffirmed his report, which found substantial evidence that Russia attacked our political system and that the President sought to obstruct Mueller’s investigation over and over again. He also confirmed three central points: he did not exonerate the President of the United States of obstruction of justice, obstruction of justice is a serious crime that strikes at the core of our justice system, and the Constitution points to Congress to take action to hold the President accountable,” Nadler said in his statement.

“Given that Special Counsel Mueller was unable to pursue criminal charges against the President, it falls to Congress to respond to the crimes, lies and other wrongdoing of President Trump – and we will do so. No one, not even the President of the United States, is above the law,” Nadler continued.

Muller defended his report into the Trump campaign at the press conference, saying he found no collusion between Russia and the campaign, and that he would be “formally closing the special counsel’s office” and that he would be “resigning from the Department of Justice to return to private life.”

Mueller also said that “there was insufficient evidence to charge a broader conspiracy,” and that the report would be his testimony if Congress issues a subpoena for him to testify, saying, “the report is my testimony.” Since Mueller resigned, it will be harder for Congress to get him to appear since he will be a private citizen.

Nadler said in early April he wanted Mueller to testify before the committee as soon as possible, after Attorney General William Barr addressed the media.

Nadler called on Mueller to testify in front of the group, after earlier calls from Georgia Republican Rep. Doug Collins, the top Republican on the committee. Collins asked Nadler to “immediately” invite Mueller to testify before Congress.

After Barr announced there was no collusion or obstruction committed by Trump and the Trump campaign, Nadler said that the findings were still unclear and that Congress must hear from Mueller to help better understand the results.

Regardless of the report’s findings, Nadler requested a number of documents from the White House and sent letters seeking information from people and organizations close to Trump on March 4.

Nadler sent the requests to 81 groups, people and organizations, searching for Constitutional abuses and corruption by Trump. The New York Democrat said the requests for documents are to “begin investigations, to present the case to the American people about obstruction of justice, about corruption and abuse of power.”

Democrats and cable news pundits have continued to say the Mueller report is a cover-up, even though it has not been released.

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One Thought to “Nadler Responds to Mueller: ‘Falls to Congress to Respond to the Crimes’”

  1. Kenneth M Sears

    The Nadler Hoax is one of the most cynical, corrupt, pernicious assaults on American justice and governance ever. In 1998 Kenneth Starr fulfilled his lawful duty as Special Counsel by delivering his report and recommendations directly to Congress. That was his job, by statute. From Wikipedia: “The Office of Special Counsel was an office of the United States Department of Justice established by provisions in the Ethics in Government Act that expired in 1999. The provisions were replaced by Department of Justice regulation 28 CFR Part 600,[1] which created the successor office of special counsel. The current regulations were drafted by former acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal.[2]
    The Independent Counsel was an independent prosecutor—distinct from the Attorney General of the United States Department of Justice—who provided reports to the United States Congress under 28 U.S.C. § 595.” After Starr delivered that report, Nadler started protesting that the public had no right to see significant portions of it. Even though Starr’s report was commissioned by Congress itself and overtly directed to determine whether there were grounds for impeachment. In 1999 the Office of Special Counsel was done away with. It doesn’t EXIST anymore. Robert Mueller’s office was totally different. He wasn’t commissioned by Congress, and his job description wasn’t either to report TO Congress OR to make recommendations, not even a “road map”, for impeachment. His was a prosecutorial assignment, he was answerable to his bosses at DOJ, and his ONLY task was to determine whether there were grounds for criminal prosecution…to which the only legal answer, on the basis of his report, is “No.” Unlike the Starr report…which Nadler wanted to stuff and hide…the Mueller report is not, as a criminal investigation, SUPPOSED to be released to the public. That’s NOT how our criminal justice system works. The Justice Dept. has made, squarely on the basis of Mueller’s report, the determination there is no case there. Case closed. Nadler fraudulently insists that the Mueller report is a Starr report (it isn’t) and that it’s a road map for impeachment (it isn’t) and that the people have a right to know absolutely every detail behind the investigation (we don’t). When the law brings no charges against an innocent man or woman, that is the end of the story. You and I have no right, or need, to know everything they were wrongly accused of. Even when 98% of a report that probably should NEVER have been written (because the whole charge was bogus), and wasn’t legally REQUIRED to be delivered to Congress, and wasn’t legally REQUIRED to be published, is published ANYWAY, this pernicious hack politico Nadler makes out like there’s a huge cover-up, apparently lusting after making himself out to be the next Sam Ervin. How pathetic, how small, how stunted…. This man is going to be nothing on the pages of American history but a blot similar to what you see after squishing a bug.