The Battleground State Report Discusses the Impact of ‘The Wall’ in the 2020 Election


On Friday’s Battleground State Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – a one hour radio show from Star News Digital Media in the early stages of a national weekend syndication roll out – Gill and Leay discussed the potential impact of the border wall in the 2020 election.

Towards the end of the segment, the men agreed that the private funding and building of the newly constructed wall will help Donald Trump in next years election.

Gill: And we have not talked about the impact of the wall that the border security. Just this week we had a couple of new things happen that I think will have as much impact if not more than the “impeachment” talk that we’re getting from the Democrats. One is a portion of the wall was constructed by Build the Wall group. Brian Kolfage who’s a US military veteran, triple amputee, literally sacrificed limb for this country. He started a fundraising effort to raise private funds to build a portion of the wall. They’ve now completed about a mile, maybe a half a mile…

Leahy: Well…

Gill: Using a mountain as part of the barrier.

Leahy: I just looked at the Washington Examiner which is the second source to site this length. They say will be two thousand three hundred feet long when completed.

Gill: Half mile.

Leahy: Just a tad three hundred feet short of a half mile.

Gill: But they’re using like a mountain that you have to be an expert climber.

Leahy: Exactly.

Gill: That they kind of built up butt against it that makes it even a more secure barrier. The bottom line is private funds are producing a portion of the wall that the feds have not been able to accomplish much more.

Leahy: The Corp. of Engineers said you could not build a wall in this location. And Tommy Fisher, Fisher Construction crews proved that you can. It’s a big beautiful wall as Donald Trump might call it. It’s bollard steel, eighteen feet high with a paved road running next to it. A big light post along with security cameras. It’s not just a wall, it’s sort of a state of the art security system and they’re apparently going to hand over it’s use or even ownership to the US government after this weekend.

Gill: Another portions of the wall are being repaired

Leahy: Yeah.

Gill: And secured. I mean you’ve got portions that were literally a chain link fence or just a couple of small barriers that were not anything that was keeping people form coming through. They are building wall under the auspices of repairing wall that really doesn’t exist.

Leahy: Exactly.

Gill: So there is actual wall being built even though the media doesn’t want to call it that.

Leahy: Now the question Steve that I have for you, what’s the impact of all this wall activity? But in particular the fact that this private group has built about a half a mile of wall covering the critical gap cutting off a lot of illegal aliens coming across the border. A lot of drug smuggling. Does that help President Trump? Does it hurt him? Is it indifferent? Does it illustrate that the government hasn’t been able to do it and these private guys have?

Gill: I don’t think it’s as much the issue of public versus private because I think the President can argue very effectively that the wall would be being built if the Democrats weren’t stopping it. I think it gives him a great campaign pitch.

Leahy: Ok.

Gill: Particularly in these congressional races. They keep voting against the wall. You’ve got the Democrat candidates for President that want to abolish ICE. They’re starting to back off on that. But you’ve got two thirds of Americans under a new Harvard Harris poll that say they don’t want the illegals being pushed into other communities around the country.

It’s like, “We don’t want them in our community!” And when you’ve got two thirds of Americans saying “We don’t like the policy that’s doing that and President Trump’s the only one fighting that policy,” I think that helps him immensely. You also saw again in terms of national security, the border security, the wall, Trump announced on Friday that they would slap tariffs on Mexico if they don’t start stopping the flood of illegals. We’re seeing a hundred thousand come across the border each month.

Leahy: Hmm hmm.

Gill: If Mexico doesn’t step up they’re going to start seeing five, ten, fifteen, twenty five percent taxes, tariffs on goods coming in from Mexico. And will that have an impact? Well, already the first thing Friday morning the Mexican President Obrador did was call Trump and go, “We need to meet immediately. Can we meet Friday and figure out how to work this out?”

So, just the threat of the tariffs suddenly has Mexico going. “Yeah, yeah yeah. We think we can stop this. Give us a little bit more time to do it. Because now we’re serious.” If the flood stops and Trump can say “We’re building the wall. We’ve stopped the flood of illegals. We are going to start enforcing our laws here so you can’t see these folks get in public housing and move Americans out. Take jobs and move Americans out.” I think that is a strong item that will help him with the voters in twenty twenty.

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