Bannon Says Biden Is Making ‘Happy Talk’ to Hide His Financial Ties to Chinese Communist Party


Joe Biden is “a useful idiot” for the Chinese Community Party, Steve Bannon told The John Fredericks Radio Network.

The full interview with Bannon is available here.

Bannon, with Citizens for the American Republic, has long said it is globalists like Biden who are managing the decline of economies all over the world, Fredericks said.

Bannon criticized a story by The Hill as “an outrageous attack” on Trump concerning China. Biden, in Iowa, is trying to “happy talk his way past China.”

However, Biden has not addressed his being compromised by China’s communist government and how his son Hunter allegedly took $1.5 billion from the Bank of China.

“That’s how the Chinese Communist party does influence peddling,” Bannon said. The Community Party provides capital for politicians.

Yet Biden blames Trump for China’s economic war against America, Bannon said. Biden supported NAFTA and every trade deal to destroy middle-class jobs. Trump is the first president to engage the Communist Party in an economic war and bring the supply chain back to the U.S., Bannon said.

“He’s the only president who stood up for the middle-class people.”

In The Hill story, Biden called Trump an “existential threat” to the nation, but that title belongs to Biden, Bannon said. Biden needs to answer questions about his and his family’s ties to China.

Other Democrats like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have had this information but have chosen not to use it, Bannon said, calling Democratic primaries “pillow fights.”

Biden is treating working-class voters as idiots, but they are smart and will compare Trump’s record to Biden’s, Bannon said.

More of the interview is available at the link above.

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